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Guess Which Famed Soap Star Was ALMOST In This Film Classic

This star was a staple on the sitcom scene in between his run as Lance on The Young and the Restless and being cast as Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful.

But, did you know John McCook also shot a scene in the classic movie Back to the Future? Alas, the scene was cut!

Now, McCook has shared the scene that almost appeared in the film, which starred Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly.

Many remember the film’s plot: Marty, a likable teen, traveled back in time from the 1980s to the 1950s where he encountered his parents when they were in high school and helped them get together while working to get back to the future.

While in the past, Marty marveled at the pop culture from that era. That’s where McCook’s scene comes in.

The B&B star played a surgeon, who had just completed three lung operations in a row, in a 1950s commercial for cigarettes.

The TV ad appears comical and dated given that the dangers of cigarette smoking are well-known and television commercials for cigarettes have been banned by Congress since early 1971.

McCook wasn’t the only star who shot material for the film only to have it not make the final cut. Actor Eric Stoltz (Mask) was originally cast as Marty, but after weeks of filming, the creative team came to the conclusion that Fox, who was starring on Family Ties at the time, would get more laughs.

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