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Yes, Steve Burton IS Jason Morgan on General Hospital–At Least He Better Be

Sonny and Jason on General HospitalSonny and Jason on General Hospital

We admit we were skeptical about what to expect when we learned months ago that Steve Burton would be returning to General Hospital (GH).

After all, we’d become pretty attached to Billy Miller in the role and love the chemistry between him and Kelly Monaco. Jason and Sam remain a popular couple although we can’t really be sure Miller is Jason–or even which Jason he is.

But, seeing Burton and Maurice Benard together again made us see we didn’t realize what we missed until it was back. After nearly 20 years, Jason as Sonny’s enforcer and best friend had made us grow weary. It was that job that took him from us and Sam to begin with and the idea of him distancing himself from Sonny seemed appealing.

Except, that seems to be someone else distancing himself from Sonny. The man we saw share scenes with Benard this week is the Jason Morgan we remember–a character who came to us after a 1996 car accident took Jason Quartermaine away.

While GH asks us which one the imposter may be, it’s very clear that neither are imposters. BOTH men think they are Jason Morgan and they are both brothers. But the one who embodies the mob enforcer is played by Steve Burton. It just works and we didn’t realize until today just how much it works.

Burton and Benard have undeniable chemistry and watching them together again it felt like just yesterday that they were both together ready to fight someone, somewhere.

But, Soap Hub is still holding to the theory that when that accident took Jason Quartermaine away, it didn’t just take his memories and personality–it took him physically. Or, at least someone or something did. Billy Miller embodies THAT character who Burton originated so many years ago.

GH has a fantastic opportunity to use history now and truly have two men who have lived as Jason. One may have lived as Drew for three years of his life and for all we know it could have been either one of them (perhaps the twins were switched at that pre-school age and then switched again at college age).

Right now, anything can happen and the story possibilities are endless, but there really is only one Jason Morgan and that’s Steve Burton.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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