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The General Hospital Couple-Go-Round: Which One Wins?

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Sonny, Carly, Jax and Brenda have been playing musical chairs in the romance department for decades on General Hospital (GH).

Soap Hub asked which pairing causes fevers to spike the highest and the answers may– or may not — surprise you!

Carson Forever
The love/hate match of Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) scored the highest, earning 79% of votes.

The two didn’t much care for each other when they first met, but we all know the opposite of hate isn’t love, but indifference. And Carly and Sonny are never indifferent with one another! They’ve been hitched and separated many times, but their recent split is the most powerful as it was prompted by the death of their son Morgan.

Don’t Forget Brenda!!!
The Sonny and Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) love match came in second, earning a mere 11%. This score is surprisingly low given how passionate the love is between these two.

Many have felt Brenda to be “the one” as far as Sonny fans are concerned, but the numbers in this poll don’t lie! If Brenda wants to be thought of as the one who is most important to Sonny, she’s going to have to come back to Port Charles and see him! Stat!

Yep, Sonny Had Him Deported
Carly and Jax (Ingo Rademacher), Josslyn’s father, also made this poll, scoring 7% of the votes. There’s no denying that Carly and Jax made an attractive couple. Whenever Carly needs to turn away from Sonny and his mob world, Jax provides a safe haven.

Their relationship is solid and she’s comfortable with Jax in a way that she just isn’t with Sonny – who always brings an element of danger into her life.

A Long Time Ago…
Jax and Brenda also landed on the poll, scoring only 4% of the votes. Just like Carly does, Brenda sees Jax as the anti-Sonny, someone free from the mob world that Sonny can’t seem to escape. (Although, Jax does have that pesky villainous brother Jerry!)

Those who voted for Jax and Brenda likely recall that he was there for her when Sonny left her for Lilly, his short-lived pregnant bride.

When Brenda and Jax clinked their champagne glasses, Lilly, sadly, went boom! (Type in “Clink Boom” on and see what comes up — you don’t even need to add “General Hospital”!)

While Sonny and Carly are on the outs for now, we can’t help but think that it will all change again even IF Morgan doesn’t pop back up alive someday (though is return is, in all probability, inevitable!)

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