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What Went Wrong With Nelle On General Hospital…And What Happens Now?

Nelle General HospitalNelle General Hospital

It’s rare to see a soap create a brand-new character around an unforgettable actress and completely blow it, but General Hospital (GH) managed it.

In 2015, GH featured Chloe Lanier as a young Pat Spencer, Bobbie and Luke’s older sister who sent them off to Florida after Luke accidentally killed both of their parents in a moment that changed all of their lives forever.

Lanier did such an incredible job that fans were mesmerized, and the soap knew it had to use her again. It created Nelle Hayes just for her, a character who also turned out to be known as Nelle Benson and Janelle Benson.

It was easy to tell ‘sweet’ Nelle had a secret and an agenda from the start, and we knew for sure when she gave her signature Nelle look after listening to Sonny and Carly bask in their happiness.

When she drugged Sonny and made him believe they slept together, we couldn’t wait to find out why and what Carly ever did to make Nelle so twisted and vindictive. Then came the reveal and our jaws dropped to the floor… because it was THAT lame.

Ok, so Nelle was a perfect match and kidney donor for Josslyn and just so happened to be the biological daughter of Carly’s adoptive father, so that makes the match make sense.

Uh, not. That didn’t stop Jax from buying the kidney anyway and Nelle angry that her adoptive sister she never knew always got everything… including her kidney. WHAT?!

Right then and there it was ALL downhill and there seemed to be no saving this character at all. We never saw any chemistry …continue reading on the next page —>

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