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Vincent Irizarry Reveals Two ABC Powerhouses He Wish He Worked With

Vincent IrizarryVincent Irizarry

After working in daytime for over three decades, Vincent Irizarry has certainly worked with his share of legendary stars. Whether it was on Guiding Light, Santa Barbara, All My Children, One Life to Live (briefly), The Bold and the Beautiful (also, briefly), The Young and the Restless, or Days of our Lives, he’s acted with the best of them. But there are two more with whom he would have loved to work.

Vincent Irizarry – A Wish List

Irizarry recently took part in a Fantasy Events gathering via Zoom with a large group of supporters where he was asked if there is anyone in daytime he didn’t get to work with that he wishes he did.

“Oh, that’s a good question,” he smiled, pondering the question. “I have to reflect on that. That’s interesting.” When he did pick someone, and it was one of the greats — six-time Daytime Emmy-winning actress, Erika Slezak, who portrayed Victoria Lord “from One Life to Live. She was on there for many years, she was the matriarch. She’s someone I would have liked to work with.

“She’s a fantastic actress, loved her work. But I’ve been in and out of that medium for like 35 years now, so I’ve worked with most of them,” he laughed. “But I’ve never worked with Erika Slezak. She’s so spectacular.”

But she wasn’t the only one the handsome actor had on his wish list. There was someone else he realized he’d never gotten the chance to act opposite. “Actually Maurice Benard,” he revealed. “I love his work. And I would have loved to have had the opportunity to work with him.” While they never worked together, the two did meet, albeit briefly.

“It’s funny, many years ago, I had an audition,” he recalled. “Maurice was there and he had just, if I remember correctly…that Lucy show [Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter] he did with Frances Fisher where he played Desi [had just aired]. And I said something to him at that time, because I didn’t know Maurice — I just knew of him and he probably knew of me too at the time but I remember seeing him at the audition and just saying, ‘Hey man, excellent job with that movie.’ But I’ve always respected him and his work, he’s a wonderful talent.”

Vincent Irizarry was then asked if he’s seen Benard’s video podcast series, ‘State Of Mind,’ and Irizarry responded, “I have seen some of them, they were great. And I know he wrote his book that was successful. That’s good man, I send him out props for that too, that’s wonderful. Good for him.”

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