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Could Valentin And Nikolas Have Faked His Death As A Con???

Nikolas and Valentin on General HospitalNikolas and Valentin on General Hospital

When Nikolas “died” on General Hospital at the hands of Valentin, let’s not forget he wanted to be dead to the world (or at least appear dead) to begin with.
However, Ava found him on that plane and his family traveled to Cassadine Island and the jig was up.

So, why is it out of the realm of possibility that Nikolas struck a deal with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) to kill him again? When Valentin shot him, it seemed to be in cold blood and made the character irredeemable.

Now, it’s clear GH wants him to be a more layered character and redeem him in some way, although we’re not sure he will ever be a good guy. If Nikolas isn’t dead, then it opens up a realm of possibilities for Valentin.

Remember, every time someone brings up that he murdered The Dark Prince, Valentin says “that’s one version of events.”

Well, perhaps it is just one version of events. We have no idea what Nik and Valentin talked about when Val had him alone upstairs on the island. Maybe they were discussing another version of events.

When Nikolas faked his death at the end of May, he made sure young son, Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel), would at least know he was alive. Interestingly, soon after Valentin shot Nikolas, he tried to kidnap Spencer, but was thwarted.

Perhaps he was trying to bring him to Nikolas. With Spencer in a European boarding school now for months, Nik might have even gotten to him by now for all we know–at least to let him know he’s okay.

We know that Helena was more scared of Valentin than any Cassadine alive, but…continue reading on the next page —>

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