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Should Liz and Sam Always Be Rivals On General Hospital?

Elizabeth and Sam General HospitalElizabeth and Sam General Hospital

Soaps, including General Hospital, have been progressive in many ways. They highlighted social issues like spousal abuse, women’s health, and incest long before prime-time and film. But, in other ways, soaps have been less than progressive.

One of those tired old tropes is two women at each other’s throats — bring on the bitch-slap and the catfight!

On General Hospital, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) have a lot to be rivals about. There was Jason (Steve Burton)… there was Lucky (Jonathan Jackson/Greg Vaughan)… there was Liz marrying Sam’s rapist… there was Sam allowing Liz’s baby to kidnapped…

No one is saying they don’t have good reasons to dislike each other. But are they also mature enough now to maybe, you know, move on? The opinions of over 3,000 voters, revealed!

You Gotta Have Friends

It’s time to hug it out, 68% of you urge. Let Liz and Sam finally be friends. They have so much in common, after all. And we don’t just mean the men they’ve shared, or that their sons are brothers.

Sam and Liz are both spunky, smart survivors. They could support each other through the bad times and cheer each other on through the good times. They could also show Jason and Franco (Roger Howarth) that their lives don’t revolve around men. That’s something progressive to cheer about!


Nah, keep ’em at each other’s throats, a minority 32% of the audience would prefer sticking with the status quo. Neither one can believably forgive the other, and there is no reason for them to try. You’d rather watch them trade barbs than sip tea.

Besides, there’s a segment of the audience that’s still hoping for a Liz and Jason reunion. And, if that happens, Sam is going to go mental. You’re not ready to give up on the possibility of that. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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