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Thank You GH For Tracy’s Weird & Wonderful Ending–And How You Can See It In Its Entirety

Jane Elliot and Tony Geary on General HospitalJane Elliot and Tony Geary on General Hospital

Today was the day General Hospital (GH) fans both anticipated and dreaded. Jane Elliot and Tracy were leaving our screens for good, but at the same time the United States House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, causing a soap centered around a hospital to be interrupted.

While we suspect we got the best moments of Tracy’s goodbye, we didn’t see all of it, but ABC executive Nathan Varni tweeted that it will be on tonight.

ABC is also lifting the verification wall so nobody has to be logged onto a cable provider to watch and epi will be available to all fans after 8 pm EST.

The network will re-air it on Memorial Day, May 29. How fitting as we can remember Tracy all over again.

What we did see brought tears to our eyes and as we tried to forget the insanity leading up to Tracy’s decision (we still do not understand the concept of Samira, but okay), and remember the warm, wonderful, and wistful moments as Tracy bid farewell to the Quartermaines and Port Charles.

There were moments that fit the Q family to perfection–the pizza Soap Hub assumed was on the agenda yesterday as soon as Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) complained about no food, the moment Monica (Leslie Charleson) said “our house” and not “my house” and when Ned (Wally Kurth) announced he is now a Quartermaine in name, as well as mind, body, and soul.

Of course, what farewell episode would be worth a dime without flashbacks–and we got the best of them. Tracy with Ned, Tracy with Monica, and Tracy with Luke–three characters who have had a profound effect on her life.

While we don’t understand why Tracy sold that painting and how she did it so fast, we can’t complain about her last moment.

It was only fitting that she walk into a coffee shop (in what we’ll just tell ourselves was Amsterdam because Amsterdam coffee shops are so wonderful) and see the one man she never thought she’d love, but would always love, Luke.

Tony Geary and Jane Elliot didn’t have to say one word–and they didn’t. The smile and eyes said it all, as our eyes teared up. Bravo, GH.

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