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Sympathy For The Devil: Do You Feel Sorry For Tums-Popping Brad On General Hospital

Brad and Wiley General HospitalBrad and Wiley General Hospital

Brad has been bad news ever since he joined the staff at General Hospital six years ago. He has always been lying, scheming, and incredibly naïve. Not even a marriage to Lucas has curved Brad’s many personal deficits.

But Brad’s biggest screw up took place last year when he entered into a deal with the murderously evil Nelle (Chloe Lanier) to swap his dead baby for her healthy newborn. He didn’t mean to do it. It just kinda…happened.

One year later a fearful Brad is popping antacids like their candy. Brad is absolutely convinced that Wiley will be taken at any moment and he’s desperate to keep his baby boy.

But what do the fans think about Brad’s plight? Do you feel sorry for the risk-taking doctor? Here’s what over 7,000 of you had to say:

Not One Bit
In an absolute landslide, you say heck no! In fact, 93% of you have absolutely zero sympathies for Brad. Most see his decision as merely another mistake to add atop the hundred of others. You think that Brad has made his bed so he can lie in it and suffer the consequences.

The two things that fans agree on though is that poor Lucas and Wiley are the ones who really deserve the sympathy. Lucas trusted his husband (So do Michael and Willow, for that matter.) and this latest betrayal will almost certainly destroy their already shaky marriage.

In The Minority
There are still a few fans who feel bad sorry for Brad. A grand total of 6% of you thinks that he deserves some understanding. After all, a life with Brad and Lucas was a much better prospect for that baby than life with a hellcat like Nelle. And you think that Brad was just making the best out of a tragic situation.

No matter what you feel about Brad and his decision one thing is for certain. When the truth comes out — and it all ways does — the repercussions will make for spectacular viewing. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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