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Start Time: Does Laura Have a Right To Be Angry With Kevin On General Hospital?

Laura and Kevin General HospitalLaura and Kevin General Hospital

On the surface, it looks like General Hospital’s Kevin is a complete victim. His evil twin brother, Ryan overpowered Kevin, slapped him into a straight jacket and left him locked up in a mental institution, where all the staff thought Kevin was Ryan.


Ryan (Jon Lindstrom)then took Kevin’s place in Port Charles, broke up with Kevin’s wife, Laura (Genie Francis), bedded Ava (Maura West), and killed a bunch of random day-players, along with Kiki (Hayley Erin).

He also stabbed but didn’t finish off Laura’s daughter, Lulu (Emme Rylan).

In the end, Laura and Kevin were left trapped in a basement while Ryan continued wreaking havoc. (They could have turned off the boiler which would have prompted the janitor to come down and find them, but — drama!)

Now, Kevin is in the hospital, recovering, and Laura is… well, we’re not really sure what Laura is. Happy? Relieved? How about angry? Does she have the right to be a wee bit peeved at her husband for what’s just gone down? Here’s what almost 10,000 fans had to say:

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God Complex
You know what could have prevented all this, 85% of you query? If Kevin hadn’t hidden the truth about his psycho twin being alive — and locked up. If more people knew, more people would have been suspicious when “Kevin” started acting so strangely out of character.

They might have gone to check on “Ryan,” and figured out the truth before the bodies started piling up. But, well, you know- – drama! Yes, Laura can — and should — be mad!

To the Victim Go the Spoils
Kevin is too a victim, 15% of the audience counters. He was trying to be generous towards the brother he once loved, and this is how he got repaid for his trouble! Laura ought to understand and be sympathetic. Now is no time to point fingers!

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