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GH Spoilers Wild Speculation: Holly Is The One Who Shot Lucy

Who is behind this latest crime?

GH Spoilers Holly Sutton, Lucy Coe, Anna Devane

Is it a coincidence that Holly Sutton washed up in GH spoilers — with no memory of how she got there — at the same time as Lucy Coe went into the water? Victor Cassadine is convinced that Anna Devane pulled the trigger that sent Lucy sailing away.

GH Spoilers Wild Speculation

After all, they have drone footage — what else does the Port Charles Police Department need to slap the cuffs on her? But this case is definitely not closed yet!

General Hospital: Who?

How did Holly (Emma Samms) end up in the water? Where did she float over from? Why can’t she remember where she’s been? How come Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) diagnosed her with hypothermia, but she wasn’t so much as shivering? And, most importantly, where has she been all this time?

We know she was held hostage somewhere. By whom? Well, how about Victor (Charles Shaughnessey)? We know he likes keeping people hostage. We know he likes brainwashing them. We also know that he needs Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Anna Devane off his back — like, yesterday.

Victor predicted that Robert and Anna would soon be too busy to bother him. Did he say it because he knew Anna was about to be accused of a murder…that he’d actually brainwashed Holly into carrying out?

GH Spoilers: How?

The brainwashing of Holly is the easy part (tarot card, anyone?). The harder part would be framing Anna. Unless, of course, there were several latex Anna Devane masks floating around Port Charles. We know for sure that Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has one. And she and Victor have a past.

Victor could have stolen the mask…or made one of his own once he knew this was a thing people did. He could put the mask on Holly, send her to shoot Lucy (Lynn Herring), direct his drone to get the exact incriminating footage, then make sure Holly remembered nothing and drop her into the water.

As an added bonus, Victor also gets both of Robert’s ex-wives at each other’s throats. What could be more entertaining than that? Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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