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Anna Devane And Her Pre-General Hospital Secret Past: A Reminder

Why she may be stretching the truth just a tiny bit.

Anna Devane and Robin on General Hospital

Anna Devane told Valentin Cassadine that it was giving birth to Robin Scorpio which made her want to become a better person. Granted, we didn’t know Anna well before then — all we saw were the General Hospital flashbacks to her and Robert Scorpio’s secret romance and marriage in Italy. We only met Anna when she popped up in Port Charles seven years later. With an agenda. And it was not a nice one.

Anna Devane: Remember When

When Anna (Finola Hughes) first arrived in April of 1985, she used her connection to Holly Sutton Scorpio (Emma Samms) — they’d once shared a beloved nanny — to worm her way into her and Robert’s (Tristan Rogers) home. Not because she wanted Robert back — well, that wasn’t her primary motivation.

It was because there was some hidden treasure she and Sean Donely (John Reilly) were after. And, oh, yeah, Anna wore a fake scar which she convinced Robert was the result of his actions, in order to guilt him into not suspecting her. And this was the Anna AFTER Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) birth and her decision to be good? What was she like before?

Bad to the Bone

Anna was a double agent, basically a criminal and a traitor. Maybe she gave that up after Robin was born. But not the lying and the scheming and the manipulation.

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We realize that Anna’s little speech was meant to inspire Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) to also stay on the straight and narrow. After all, he loves his daughter, Charlotte Cassadine, as much as Anna loves Robin. They even agreed that they’d betray the other if it means protecting their respective offspring.

General Hospital: True Lies

But based on what we saw with our own eyes — not that GH has any qualms about rewriting that on a regular basis — it doesn’t seem like Anna decided to change her ways once Robin was born. It sounds like she decided to do so once she was caught. Which makes a lot more sense. And she might consider letting that be what changes Valentin, too.

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