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GH Spoilers Speculation: Valentin Will Not Betray Anna’s Trust

Who can Anna count on to tell her the GH truth?

gh spoilers speculation that valentin will betray anna.Anna and Valentin.

GH spoilers hint that Anna isn’t sure who she can trust these days. She used to think she could trust Valentin. After all, they have quite the past and are hoping for an amazing future.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Of course, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) could be the one behind Anna’s (Finola Hughes) stalking. Fans speculate that might just be the case, which could cause a whole different set of trouble for her. However, in the end, it seems like he’ll be able to come out of this on the right side.

General Hospital: Love Comes First

Why couldn’t it be both some of you wonder? Valentin might be behind the threats to Anna’s life. But he could also be truly in love with her. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened in Port Charles. Valentin could be stuck between a rock and a love place. We should feel sorry for him, not condemn him.

GH: Been There, Done That

On the other hand, some viewers are past the sympathy stage. Because you think it’s not if Valentin will betray Anna, it’s that he already has. He’s in with Pikeman up to his neck, and he’s keeping details from Anna that could be helpful to her in figuring this danger out. Once Valentin decided to do that, he made it clear where his loyalties lie. He may love Anna, but he is working against her. And that is definitely worthy of condemnation.

GH Spoilers: Order of Protection

You don’t understand our Valentin the majority of the audience asserts. He’s not out to betray Anna. He’s out to protect her. It’s all he’s ever wanted. Even when he was actively scheming against her. But that was before. Then, he was in love with her from afar.

Now, he’s in love with her from a-near. And he may be acting like the bad guy, but he is really the good guy. He was doing bad guy things. For good reasons. All he wants is for Anna to be happy and safe. And if, to do that, he has to make her unhappy and unsafe, well, that’s the kind of hero Valentin is. He’ll do anything for his lady love!

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