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GH Spoilers Speculation: How Esme Prince Will Get Revenge on Liz

Will this be a clash of the GH titans, or will there be understanding all around?

gh spoilers speculation how elizabeth should watch her back with esmeShould Elizabeth Webber watch her back regarding Esme?

GH spoilers all point to Esme Prince getting her memory back sooner or later. And, once she does, she won’t just remember all the horrible things she’s done. She’ll also remember all the horrible things done to her. And she won’t be the sweet girl we see now.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Ava (Maura West) tried to kill her. Nikolas (Adam Huss) kept her locked up. And Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) helped him do it. Will Esme attempt to get her revenge?

Esme Prince: Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

When Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) remembers who she used to be, she’ll also remember all the people who have a good reason to resent her. Including Liz, the mother of Cam (William Lipton), the guy Esme humiliated with her sex video broadcast. Esme will understand why Liz did what she did, 18% of you predict. She’s grown a lot. As a person…and a bad girl.

GH Spoilers: Scorch the Earth

Then again, 31% of the audience expects Esme to go on a rampage. Sure, she did something to Cam. And now she’ll be punished for it. So shouldn’t Liz be punished for her crime? And, rest assured, accessory to kidnapping is a real crime. Scott (Kin Shriner) may have gotten Liz a slap on the wrist. And Liesl (Kathleen Gati) may have given her a slap upside the head. But Esme has a lot more than either of those in mind.

GH: Angry Birds

A little over half of the voters, 51%, won this filibuster, by splitting the difference. They expect Esme to be plenty mad. But they don’t expect her to seek revenge. She’ll be too busy trying to stay out of prison herself. And, if she pulls that off, she’ll need to fight to keep her son. A lot of people don’t see Esme as mother-of-the-year material. Even as there’s a crazy grandma out there who loves to get her hands on children, she believes she has a right to.

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