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General Hospital Weekly Update: Ultimatums and Startling Discoveries

General Hospital spoilers update for December 14 – 18, 2020 reveal a heart to heart, vindication, and a run-in. Carly and Joss have been through a lot lately. Their lives have been tested by the stressful situations they’ve found themselves in, but they’ve only come out stronger. The mother-daughter duo has a much-needed talk.

The time he has been waiting for is finally here when Jason is vindicated. This means Sonny decides it’s time to show who’s in charge by taking control of the situation.

The men in Willow’s life, Michael and Chase, run into each other at the gym. Will these two duke it out in the boxing ring to solve their issues? Or have a civilized conversation? We’re guessing the former may be true.

General Hospital Weekly Recap

Over at GH, Franco continued to struggle with the voice inside his head. He was able to discern that the speaker was Peter August, but its content – the repeated phrase “No choice” – remained elusive.

Michael and Willow met with their respective exes in the hopes that they would gain a newfound clarity. Instead, they wound up further confused as to where they and their bourgeoning relationship stood.

Sasha received a discharge from the hospital and immediately made her way to Cyrus’s abode. She claimed distress over her dealer’s obvious indifference to her plight…but there was more to her visit than met the eye.

Through tear-stained eyes, Sam explained her epiphany to Jason. So with a decision made, Sam and Jason parted. She remained at the apartment and mourned what might have been.

Upcoming GH Teasers

Monday, December 14, 2020
Sonny delivers Julian an ultimatum.
Cyrus enlists Britt in her role as GH Chief of Staff for his latest endeavor.
Maxie wants only what’s best for Deception.
Obrecht’s interest is piqued.
Tracy’s plan backfires.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Jordan tells Carly she needs to talk.
Curtis goes undercover.
Martin tells Valentin a fascinating story.
Violet grows curious.
Finn extends an olive branch.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Jason reaches out to Brick.
Julian is desperate to get out of town.
Laura jeopardizes her well-being.
Ava reaches out to Trina.
Britt corners Nikolas.

Thursday, December 17, 2020
Julian solicits the help of a stranger.
Jason clears the way for Sonny.
Portia takes Trina to the PCPD.
Martin makes a startling discovery.
Michael and Chase run into each other at the gym.

Friday, December 18, 2020
Sonny takes control.
Jason is vindicated.
Martin questions Cyrus’s motives.
Curtis feels betrayed.
Carly and Joss have a heart to heart.

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