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General Hospital Weekly Update: Surprises, Compassion, And Rage


General Hospital spoilers update for November 30 – December 4, 2020, reveal a dinner invitation, a terrible situation, and a heart-to-heart. Alexis has been going through the wringer with her friends and family lately. She could really use a break and a friend. Carly must sense this because she invites Alexis to stay over for dinner.

The aftermath of The Floating Rib explosion is still sending shockwaves throughout Port Charles. Ava is stuck between a rock and a hard place and comes to terms with a terrible situation. This most likely has to do with Julian’s decision to leave PC or stay and deal with Sonny. Meanwhile, Jordan and Portia open up to one another and have a heart-to-heart.

GH Weekly Recap

News of the explosion rippled through the town resulting in the arrival of first responders and concerned citizens such as Carly, Laura, and Sonny. The casualties starting piling up, and Dev breathed his last breath in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. After briefly regaining consciousness, insisting that Dante be there for Lulu, and intrusting him with the ring he had used to propose to her, Dustin succumbed to his injuries.

Laura was heartened to find that Lulu survived the initial explosion, but once at General Hospital she asked Dante to meet her at the hospital’s chapel, but soon after his arrival, a clearly ailing Lulu collapsed into his arms! Later, Lulu underwent an operation, but she was left in a comatose state. Will she recover?

GH Weekly Spoilers

Monday November 30
Sam remembers something important.
Carly invites Alexis to stay for dinner.
Olivia hopes to play matchmaker.
Dante and Laura have a difference of opinion.
Ava is furious with Julian.

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Tuesday December 1
Ava comes to terms with a terrible situation.
A lead takes Curtis out of town.
Valentin and Martin have a difference of opinion.
Maxie runs into Brando.
Portia shares an update on her patient.

spoilers for Wednesday December 2
Jason and Sonny contemplate the next steps.
Joss confides in Sam.
Jordan looks to Portia for help.
Peter surprises Finn.
Martin shares an important document with Elizabeth.

Thursday December 3
Taggert lashes out at Carly.
Ava looks to Nik for answers.
Jordan and Portia have a heart to heart.
Martin is taken aback by an unwanted visitor.
Curtis learns that Laura has more information than she first led on.

Friday December 4
Willow and Michael discuss their relationship.
Nina is compassionate.
Carly is furious with Julian.
Ava and Nik come to a mutual understanding.
Trina has something important to tell Joss.

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