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General Hospital Spoilers Spec: Is A Sam/Brando/Molly Triangle Coming?

Sam, Brando, Molly, General HospitalSam, Brando, Molly, General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers could be showing us something very different very soon. Fans have been clamoring for ages to give Molly and the brilliant Haley Pullos an actual story that doesn’t involve her doling out advice and living the perfect romance and it’s finally here.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam At Loose Ends

It’s also showing us a different side of Molly — the sensible Davis girl — who has now thrown caution to the wind and had a one-night stand when she thought her boyfriend of 10 years had dumped her. It also showed us that Molly truly is all grown up when before it felt like she was just playing house with her high school sweetheart.

Unfortunately, Molly has a much older sister who may not be grown up at all, as evidenced by Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) temper tantrum last month after Jason (Steve Burton) broke things off with her (for their safety, as always) and she began throwing objects across the room in a rage.

Sam has walked around bitter ever since, chastising her mother and causing the recovering alcoholic to drink, and later storming off to confront Molly’s one-night-stand when she felt he was taking advantage of her sister.

Chemistry Test?

And those scenes looked awfully like General Hospital was trying to give us a chemistry test as Brando (Johnny Wactor) and Sam battled back and forth about what Molly and what really happened that night.

But how could that be? Sam loves Jason and Jason loves Sam and that’s the way it’s always been since about 2004. (Except for those affairs in between, and Jason being dead, and Sam moving on twice until Jason wasn’t dead, but that Jason was really Drew…)

Kristina Lays Out The Truth

Then Sam’s other sister dropped some truth bombs yesterday many fans have been screaming for years. While Jason loves Sam, she is not first in his life, according to Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) — and according to parts of the audience who have seen this many times before. Carly (Laura Wright)  and Sonny (Maurice Benard) will always come first and Jason proves that over and over again.

Kristina reminded Sam that she’s addicted to danger and is never happy unless Jaso is providing her with that. Sam claimed she just wanted a quiet life with her children, but Kristina was right there to tell her she had that chance with Drew (the father of one of her children) and she blew it.

Meanwhile, Molly may be realizing that a high school romance may not last forever as she can’t stop thinking about Brando — and feeling so much guilt for what she did that she’s blurting it out to anyone who will listen, meaning she is bound to tell TJ (Tajh Bellow) next, ending their relationship for real this time.

With both Sam and Molly re-evaluating their lives, Brando is there and Brando is available and who knows where this story may lead? We just know we can’t wait to watch it play out. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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