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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for General Hospital: Artie O’Daly

Soap Hub Performer of the Week for General Hospital: Artie O'Daly

Maxie and Brook Lynn stepped up their plan to keep blabbermouth Gladys quiet about Valentin not being “Bailey’s” dad on General Hospital. To that end, they employed local actor and con artist Kip Morris (Artie O’Daly), who brought pace, vitality, and humor to the ongoing story of deception. Soap Hub is bestowing Performer of the Week for GH honors on O’Daly for his scene-stealing performance.

Artie O’Daly – Performer of the Week

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Maxie’s (Kirsten Storm) scheme to scare Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) into silence sounded about as intricate as a Three’s Company plot. Kip would pose as the father of Brook Lynn’s baby and scare Gladys into being silent.

Artie O’Daly showed that, despite Kip’s off-beat nature, he had a brain in his head. Jack Kip pointed out to Janet and Chrissy that Gladys might wonder why he’d be okay with another man (Valentin) raising his child.

Let’s Fool Gladys

While Gladys was the mark in their scheme, the trio first had to stop bickering amongst themselves. Maxie tried to convince Brook Lynn that the scheme just might work as bad rehearsals are often an indication of a great performance on opening night. “I had to work opposite someone like her in summer stock once,” Kip said as an aside to Maxie, adding that Brook Lynn was a “D.I.V.A.”

Next, Kip and Brook Lynn cozied up to Gladys at the Regal Beagle Metro Court bar. Brook Lynn identified her companion as “Paulie” – a likely nod to mob boss Constantino Paul Castellano aka ‘Big Paulie.’ Kip dived into character and tough-guy mode, calling Brook Lynn his girl, and claimed that he was Bailey’s baby daddy. Kip was coming on strong but Gladys wasn’t not only threatened but she wasn’t even impressed, calling Kip a ‘Jersey Shore’ wanna-be.

Kip (Artie O’Daly) stayed committed to his character and he suggested that Gladys stop giving Brook Lynn a hard time. Gladys tried to play the ‘I’m Sonny’s relative’ card but Kip shot back pointedly that Brook Lynn’s very important to the coffee importer too. “Are you going to be the one to tell Sonny that you’re blackmailing the apple of his eye? He’ll squash you like a bug.” Kip flashed his gun at Gladys to let her know that he meant business.

At one point, Kip slammed his hand down on the bar to empathize his commitment, hiding the fact that it worked. Rightfully, Gladys grew concerned. She deleted her incriminating recording in Brook Lynn’s presence. O’Daly walked a fine line as Kip managed to be convincing enough to fool Gladys but he still kept his character’s charming buffoonery.

Medical Attention

Later, Kip dropped by General Hospital to have his hand tended to. There, he encountered Maxie and told her that the gun was merely a prop and he had sufficiently fooled Gladys. Maxie paid him off but we’re hoping this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the charming and talented Artie O’Daly. Dare we say, Kip and Gladys might make a fun duo based on their interactions!

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