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Nikolas Gives Esme Prince Some Baby Daddy News

The GH recap for January 31, 2023, has Nikolas shocking his teenage baby mama.

general hospital recap has nikolas telling esme prince he's her baby's daddyNikoas tells Esme Prince the shocking truth.

The General Hospital recap features Nikolas dropping a bomb on Esme Prince as if the pregnant amnesiac hasn’t been traumatized enough.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Nikolas tried to get Carolyn to work some memory magic on Esme while Ava gave Spencer a key to gaining custody of Esme’s baby. Speaking of babies, Willow finally gave birth to a precious three-month-old that nobody bothered to swaddle. Elsewhere in the hospital, Stella talked herself through new information, and with Jordan’s expressions telling her if she was getting warmer, she came to the correct conclusion. Finally, Curtis was stunned to hear what Carly did to Nina and was grateful that a sheepish Drew never got romantically involved with that woman. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Esme Prince Was Not Expecting This News

Nikolas (Adam Huss) and Carolyn (Denise Crosby) arrived at Spring Ridge to see Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl), who was happy someone cared about her and wanted to help her get her memories back. Carolyn diagnosed Esme with dissociative amnesia, which happens to people after trauma. However, when Nikolas mentioned hypnosis and Esme moved to reveal her belly, Carolyn was horrified that Nikolas wanted her to manipulate the mind of a young pregnant girl.

As Carolyn blasted Nikolas for wanting to trick a pregnant woman like that, Nikolas threw in her face what she did to her own daughter when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) was a teenager. This prompted Carolyn to head straight to GH to have a talk with Elizabeth about her old high school friend. Back at Spring Ridge, Nikolas decided to stun Esme by telling her that he was her baby’s father and not Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer also got a Nikolas shocker when Ava (Maura West) handed Spencer a piece of paper with a web address to a video she said would incriminate his father in a big way. Later, Trina tried to talk Spencer out of using the video, but he convinced her that they had to watch it to at least see what the video was about. They were both stunned when they heard Nikolas confess to tossing Esme off the parapet.

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General Hospital Recap: Willow Tait Has A Perfect Big Baby

With a masked Elizabeth and Austin (Roger Howarth) looking like a common Liz and Franco standing over her in the operating room, Dr. Navaro delivered a healthy, large baby that Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) insisted was premature just a few hours prior. Michael (Chad Duell) soon left to accompany the baby to the nursery after the stem cells were removed from her cord and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) joined him to admire the adorable and alert little girl.

Soon, Willow started to fade and talk about helping Jonah. She also believed it was July 4 as the doctors noticed she was hemorrhaging and tried to save her. That’s when a light shone down on Willow, revealing a black-clad Harmony (Inga Cardranel) on the other side ready to take her fake daughter away. Now, how did Harmony manage to get to heaven? That might remain a mystery.

Drew (Cameron Mathison) filled Curtis (Donnell Turner) in on all the Willow news when they went for a tux fitting. Curtis was shocked when his best man let it slip that Carly (Laura Wright) had known for nearly a year that Nina was Willow’s real mother. As Drew had to admit that Carly thwarted his investigation, Curtis recalled searching for Nina’s daughter years ago.

Curtis was also stunned when Drew seemed to forgive Carly, telling him that she lied out of love for Willow. Curtis was just relieved that Drew never got romantically involved with Carly and Drew didn’t bother to correct him.

GH Recap: Jordan Helps Stella Henry Figure It Out

Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) continued to question Jordan (Tanisha Harper) about the genealogy website that Trina used to find family and Jordan tried to hedge her questions. She finally realized that if Trina is her unknown relative, then somehow Curtis had to be related to Trina but first suspected that Portia (Brook Kerr) and Curtis were siblings, indicating she did not know Marshall or her sister very well at all. As Stella searched for an answer, Jordan’s facial expressions led her in the right direction.

Finally, Stella deduced that Trina is Curtis’s daughter but Jordan did her best to talk her out of saying anything to Curtis because they did not know this news for sure. She also pointed out Curtis might get angry because Stella has a history of meddling. Stella found herself in a pickle because she really wants Curtis to know the truth before he marries Portia.

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