Laura Collins Saves The World From Another Weather Machine

The GH recap for May 5, 2023, has some climate change issues.

the general hospital recap for may 5 2023 has laura collins relieved that she saved the planet.Laura stopped a weather machine as GH ladies watched snow.

The General Hospital recap features Laura Collins proving that she is still the GOAT.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Laura realized there was yet another weather machine in Victor’s underground bunker and managed to stop it before Port Charles had a May blizzard. Victor managed to escape and made his way back to The Haunted Star where he ran into more trouble with Spencer and some drones. Holly got Anna the antidote so that Valentin could survive his latest strife. Things happened in Port Charles too, and those things were all about dying Willow. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Laura Collins Does Her Thing

Laura (Genie Francis) had to know what was going on with the dinosaur of a computer and realized it was spitting out the same map that Mikkos’s computer from 40 years ago generated. This made Laura wonder if there was another weather machine around. Laura explained the first Ice Princess story to Curtis (Donnell Turner) and insisted the computer program she saw now was the same one she saw then. Laura realized this other weather machine was about to target Port Charles. Just then, Portia, (Brook Kerr) Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), and Jordan (Tanisha Harper) noticed snow in May outside Portia’s office window.

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The computer told Curtis and Laura that it could cease operations if they entered the formula for carbonic snow, something Laura happened to know. It turned out that 40 years ago, Laura had studied the formula after they stopped Mikkos in 1981. By some miracle, she remembered it cause we all keep the most obscure things in our brains as we grow older. Laura entered that formula now, and just like that, she saved humanity from a weather catastrophe.

However, they were not out of the woods yet. When they used the satellite phone to call Jordan, she informed them about the WSB drone strike. They informed her that Victor was on The Haunted Star trying to escape with the pathogen, so Robert (Tristan Rogers) got the WSB to call the drone strike off. Phew!

GH Recap: The Action In Greenland Just Doesn’t Stop

While still on The Haunted Star, Trina (Tabyana Ali) got through to Jordan, who warned her and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) that there were drones on the way to destroy the island. Trina just couldn’t leave Curtis behind, and Spencer didn’t want to leave Laura. Jordan didn’t want to hear any of that and demanded that they get on the plane with Ace right away. Spencer finally realized that Jordan, Felicia (Kristina Wagner), and Robert were right and started to make their way to the plane.

Over by the shore, Holly (Emma Samms) kept her gun pointed at Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) as Liesl (Kathleen Gati) begged her to shoot. Victor reminded them Liesl couldn’t be shot because she had to get home to bring her marrow to dying Willow (Katelyn MacMullen). Liesl didn’t seem to care and told Holly if she just pulled the trigger, she would instruct her on how to extract the marrow from her dying body. Without the prospect of Willow dying to hold over anyone’s head, Victor showed off his Kaboodle full of pathogen.

Holly wasn’t swayed and took it upon herself to tell Victor she was the one who arranged for his favorite body part to stop working, something that amused Liesl. Victor was so enraged he tried to shoot Holly, but Drew (Cameron Mathison) came up behind him and knocked the madman out. But he soon woke and escaped. Liesl hit her head but came to pretty quickly and told them that they had to get the antidote to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) right away. Liesl told Drew she stole the antidote from the Kaboodle.

The next thing we knew, Trina and Spencer spotted Victor sneaking back to the boat with his pathogen. Victor was outraged to notice the antidote missing when he got back to The Haunted Star. He decided to have a few when Spencer snuck up behind him and told his uncle that it was all over. He demanded that Victor hand over the Kaboodle, but when he refused, Spencer just knocked him out and took it himself, not knowing drones were headed his way.

General Hospital Recap: Laura Collins Gets A Shock

When Curtis and Laura were back in the snow, they ran into Trina and Ace only to learn that Spencer had gone after Victor, which is where the drone strike was headed. This news absolutely horrified Laura as she, Trina, Curtis, and Ace watched The Haunted Star go boom.

Back in the bunker, Valentin thought he was still hallucinating when he saw Anna (Finola Hughes) and called out that she must be just like Helena. Anna assured him that she was absolutely real. Valentin insisted the real Anna was in the hospital, but Anna explained that she left the hospital so he could be with him. Poor Valentin just cried as he is apt to do, but he finally realized that the woman in front of him was real. He begged her not to open the isolation door because he was contagious. Valentin told her that Liesl and Victor have the antidote while also begging her not to run away to get a hazmat suit.

Instead, Valentin had some dying words as he proclaimed Charlotte to be the best thing that ever happened to him (along with Anna, of course). He then went back a few decades and said he should have known that he wasn’t sleeping with Anna all those years ago, but instead, it was Alex. Anna has compassion in her eyes whereas Alex had none. He thanked Anna for redeeming him and then promptly passed out.

When Valentin came to, Anna was in the room, and she knew she had become infected too, but it didn’t matter because she loved him. She didn’t want him to die alone, so she was there to die with him if she wasn’t one of the 20% the virus wasn’t set to take out. It’s a good thing that Holly happened along with that antidote to make everything right in Vanna Land again.

General Hospital Recap: Willow Has Yet Another Dying Wish

Carly (Laura Wright) and Joss (Eden McCoy) were not happy to see Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Nina (Cynthia Watros) arrive at the hospital, but Nina was desperate to know how Willow was doing. Carly reluctantly informed Nina of what was going on despite her keeping Willow’s collapse a secret when she saw her at Kelly’s. Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) also showed up to comfort Nina and see how her friend was doing.

Michael (Chad Duell) was glad Willow agreed to stay in the hospital, and Willow was glad to see Carly arrive. While Michael was frustrated to learn that Sonny and Nina were there, Willow was not and even asked to see Nina. Michael soon shocked Nina when he relayed Willow’s message. Nina arrived in the room as Carly was leaving, which was pretty awkward. Once alone, Willow told Nina what she wanted.

Willow’s final wish for her own mother was for her to leave Carly alone. She wanted peace between Nina and Carly but understood they would never be friends. Willow asked that Nina stop keeping score of who wronged who and just let all the anger go. Nina promised her daughter she would do what she wanted, knowing she already turned Carly into the SEC and had to let the chips fall where they may.

However, good news soon arrived when the bone marrow — we mean Liesl and Drew — got through to Carly on the phone and told them Willow’s life-saving elixir was on the way. Carly ran in and handed the phone to Willow so Liesl could tell her she was still alive and the marrow was on its way.

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