Heather Webber Isn’t Happy That Sam Will Help Find Esme’s Daddy

The GH recap for Monday, January 23, 2023, has Heather Webber not liking what she’s hearing

general hospital recap heather webber and dante falconeri at spring ridgeHeather and Dante

The General Hospital recap features Heather Webber trying her best at bonding as elsewhere in Port Charles there are confrontations, bigger questions, and even some heartwarming moments.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Sonny tells his nephew all about what life is like as a father, Liz has some mother issues, Cameron has it out with his ex, Nikolas pleads his case to his mother, while Dante and Sam trade getting cute and cuddly with some double-teaming sleuthing. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Spencer Cassadine Acts Out

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) surprises Sonny (Maurice Benard) when he tells him he needs to buy a house, so it looks good in court when he sues for custody of Nikolas’s and Esme’s baby. Sonny asked for an explanation and said he needs to trust him to take care of it. Sonny asked if he thought he was able to raise a child. He started to spin out, wanting to call Ava to get his hands on his trust fund, but what he said had Sonny saying it was proof that Spencer was not ready.

He explained fatherhood and how it has to be all about the child. He asked Spencer if he was ready for that. Spencer said he wants to save the baby from being abandoned and betrayed by their dad. Sonny felt bad that he felt that way. Dex interrupted, and Spencer was furious. Sonny was proud of Spencer, saying he reminded him of his mom. But he warned if Spencer takes this on, it will be a fight with his dad.

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Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) was distracted and forgot he had asked for Laura (Genie Francis) to come by. He told Laura the divorce papers came and how he has to leave Wyndemere. Laura wants to know why he’s agreeing to it, and he brought up the baby. Laura told him Esme is at Spring Ridge. He told Laura that he plans to raise his child and sue for custody. Laura warned him not letting his child know their mother is a mistake he will regret. Laura told him about seeing Esme and that she seems to think Spencer could be her baby’s daddy. Nik thinks it was an Esme trick. Laura got a call from Liz and said she would be on her way.

GH Recap: Mother Issues

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) was shocked when her mom said she wanted to reunite — but also that she had a consult in town. Carolyn (Denise Crosby) asked how she was doing, and Liz was snarky with her response, irritated at her mom acting like her shrink. Liz questioned her mom on how she could stay with Jeff, who constantly cheated — “don’t you have any self-respect” asked Liz. Carolyn tried to insist they had a good marriage and that she loved him.

Carolyn said she did what she thought was best and asked Liz to think about her words. Liz admitted she understands how someone can do something unforgivable in extreme circumstances. Carolyn said she’ll be staying at the Metro Court; she’d be around a few days. Carolyn said in her experience, very few things are unforgivable; they just take time. Liz met with Laura and, after filling her in about her mom, asked her if she could really trust that her mom is there for a consult. Carolyn did indeed have one — with Nikolas.

General Hospital Recap: Love Hurts

Before arriving at Sonny’s, Dex (Evan Hofer) was at the dorm and quickly got dressed as Joss (Eden McCoy) tried to keep Cameron (William Lipton) around long enough to explain. Dex asked Joss to call him after they finish and left. She asked why Cam was there, and he angrily explained he heard about Willow and wanted to check on her — and regretted it now. He lashed out, but Joss insisted she owed him nothing since they had broken up. Cam asked point blank if she had at least waited until they were broken up. He realized she hadn’t, but then Joss explained about that night and getting attacked by The Hook. She eventually got to Dex, and Cam became bitter, saying how she had to thank him by sleeping with him. He wanted her to admit she lied to him about why they split, but she said she didn’t. She said she changed and that she hadn’t found the time to tell him. She then asked Cam not to spill about her and Dex.

Austin (Roger Howarth) was furious at his cousin, but Ava’s (Maura West) interruption not only ended their argument but reminded her how they’d met — the night she was attacked. Austin suggests she may want to elaborate, so she describes how he was at the picnic. Austin asked if she thought Mason attacked her; she said no…not yet. He got Mason to leave and asked how much Ava heard. She said she doesn’t like bullies, but he warned her not to get involved. She wanted to know what he has on him. He admitted it was just old family business, but he intends to live his life far from the Gatlins. Ava said she does know about family disagreements — as she’s the daughter of a mob family. She explained she didn’t know she was a Jerome until she was an adult. He said when he lost his dad, things got strange. When Ava left, Mason lurked outside Austin’s office.

Heather Webber Is The Case and On The Case

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) could have had some alone time, but he had to go question Heather, and Sam wanted to go with him so she could talk with Esme about her nanny, Maggie. She told Dante that Maggie may have info about Esme’s birth parents — and how the dad may be a bit overprotective and could have arranged the Hook murders. They decide to work together.

At Spring Ridge, Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was shocked when another inmate started to bully her. Heather (Alley Mills) put a stop to it, and Esme apologized for being short with Heather before. The older woman shrugged it off and asked if they could be friends. Esme said she was overwhelmed and worried she did all those awful things. Heather pointed out if she did, she was sure that she did it for her baby. Esme figured Heather must be a great mother. Heather tried to make Esme feel better and said she won’t be going to prison.

Dante and Sam arrived — Dante went to speak with Heather as Sam filled in Esme a bit about her life. She told her she believed she was not the Hook, but yes, she did those other things, which upset Esme. Sam asked her about the nanny, but Esme didn’t recall any details. Sam asked if she wanted her to investigate. Esme thanked her but had no money to pay her. Sam said the information could help people, so she would do it for free. They agreed to it.

Dante wanted to know what Heather wanted with Esme. She said that Ryan asks about the girl every single day. Dante was mad — “that’s it?” — she promised to be there when the two run into each other. She said Ryan will be bound to say something. Dante gave Heather a deadline to get something. Heather wasn’t pleased when she heard that Sam was looking into Esme’s father and the nanny.

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