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Forget Me Not: Will GH’s Esme Prince Having Amnesia Redeem Her?

Can you forget what Esme Prince claims to on General Hospital?

esme prince lies helpless in a gown in a general hospital bedEsme Prince

Esme Prince hit General Hospital ready to chew bubble gum and kick butt. And she was all out of bubble gum. (Let us now take a moment to imagine Her Royal Eurotrashness chewing a stick of gum to realize how ridiculous that would have been.) She was out to use Spencer to get to Nikolas and if, along the way, she embarrassed Josslyn and Cameron, and almost got Trina sent to prison, well, that was all just bonus!

Payback is a Bit#h…And So Is Esme Prince

But Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) got her comeuppance! After she faked her death, only to return pregnant with Nik’s (Marcus Coloma) baby, the papa-to-be locked Esme up in a tower at Wyndemere to keep her condition a secret.

He intended to wait for her to deliver their baby, then steal it, and ship Esme off to Cassadine Island for the rest of her life. (Why he didn’t do that, to begin with, instead of keeping her in his home, where she could be found by both Elizabeth Webber Baldwin and Ava Jerome Cassadine is still kind of unclear to us.)

Meanwhile, In GH Murder-Land

Esme was suspected to be The Hook terrorizing Port Charles, though Nik and Liz quickly realized that couldn’t be the case since the serial killings continued even as they kept Esme locked up. (Of course, the actual Hook, Esme’s looney biological mother, Heather Webber [Alley Mills] was also supposedly locked up. So what do we know?) The world wanted her to hide!

General Hospital Oldy But a Goodie

But when Esme did finally end up in General Hospital, she had – or is doing a very good job of faking – amnesia. She had no idea what anyone was talking about, whether it was about the hooking, or where she’d been for the past few months.

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Prince has proven popular enough with fans that we can see the show not wanting her to go completely to the dark side. A redemption story seemed to be in order, and what better way to do it than via that classic bout of amnesia?

If Esme can’t remember the sins she committed, then how can she be held responsible for them? A pregnant, amnesiac, victimized Esme can show a vulnerability we’ve never seen before. That will make enough people fall in love with her, both on the show and off so that when her memories do come flooding back, she’ll be too beloved to write off. Well played, Esme. Well played, show.

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