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Hallelujah, General Hospital! The Pill Plot Comes to a Close!

Ava on General HospitalAva on General Hospital

For a show that seems to wrap up stories quick of late, General Hospital (GH) sure dragged out this pill switch story way past its expiration date–but finally, finally, it’s coming to an end.

According to the June 5 issue of Soap Opera Digest, now that Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) know what happened to Morgan’s meds and who screwed around with them, the jig is up for Ava as the pair confront her. And, it won’t be pretty.

Apparently, Ava (Maura West) has all the passports she needs to get the hell out of Dodge but hell hath no fury like two parents scorned–especially two parents with a dead child thanks to Ava’s thoughtless trick.

The confrontation with the woman who set the wheels in motion for Morgan’s demise does not go quite as planned, and we have a feeling that lantern Ava lit has something to do with it.

But, in the end, some good may come out of all of this as knowing what happened to their son brings Sonny and Carly closer together.

Where the revelation leaves Ava remains to be seen. Does she end up behind bars? In the hospital? Without Kiki’s love once again? It was a risky move when Ava switched those pills, but thankfully, she couldn’t get away with it forever.

Lucky for the fans that NEED this story to come to a close, she won’t.

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