Was Liz Webber the Right Choice For General Hospital Head Nurse?

Is GH promoting a criminal?

liz webber has been promoted to head nurse on general hospitalWas Elizabeth Webber the right GH choice?

Liz Webber had just gotten her slap on the wrist for her role in keeping Esme prisoner on General Hospital when she was rewarded with the Head Nurse position. See, kids, crime does pay! Sure, both Liz’s step-grandma, Audrey, and Audrey’s sister, Lucille, once held that position, so Elizabeth is a bit of a legacy. But does she really deserve the promotion?

General Hospital: Why Liz Webber And Not Amy?

Less than 1% of the voters thought the job should have gone to Amy (Risa Dorken). There used to be an Amy Vining (Shell Kepler) who would hang out at the nurse’s station to gossip. So why not another Amy? For the symmetry, if nothing else.

Fresh GH Blood

We understand that no one currently employed by GH was truly qualified for the position. Everyone currently employed by GH has something to hide and/or be sorry for. Maybe the Board of Directors should have gone outside for their staffing needs. Somebody a bit more…innocent, 6% of you suggest.

General Hospital: Seniority

Why not Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman), 20% of the audience wants to know. She’s been at GH much, much longer than Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Wasn’t she more qualified for the position? Sure, she’s currently in charge of the entire Nursing Program, and Head Nurse would actually be a demotion. But those are details. We want more Bobbie. And if that means she needs to take a pay cut, so be it!

Liz Webber Has Paid Up

Liz has paid her dues, 73% dismiss any and all objections. She’s worked hard, she’s helped patients, and she’s saved lives. Sure, she’s broken some laws and some oaths and also put lives in danger — remember the undead Peter (Wes Ramsey)? But who cares? We love Liz! She should have whatever she wants. Not to mention, if she’s Head Nurse, we can finally stop with those “oh, poor Liz doesn’t have any money” stories.

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