Should TJ Ashford And Molly Use Kristina’s Egg On GH?

Is this GH family too close for comfort?

should tj ashford and molly use kristina's eggs on general hospital.Kristina, Molly, and TJ.

Molly and TJ Ashford are determined to have a baby on General Hospital. Sooner rather than later. First, Kristina offered to carry the little bundle of joy for them. Molly and TJ — and Alexis and Sam — freaked out.

General Hospital Polling

So how about a smaller donation? Why doesn’t Kristina (Kate Mansi) donate one of her eggs? Kristina and Molly (Brooke Anne Smith) share a mom, and their dads are half-brothers. So the baby would be biologically related to Molly…no matter who carried it. Should Molly and TJ (Tajh Bellow) do this?

TJ Ashford And Molly: One Big Happy Family

It’s the perfect solution, 8% of you cheer. Not only would the baby be related to Molly, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), and Ric (Rick Hearst), but he or she would be even more closely related to Sonny (Maurice Benard)! That is the absolutely best pedigree you can have in Port Charles, and Molly and TJ would be committing child abuse if they prevented their baby from being yet another member of the Corinthos family.

General Hospital: Sign on the Dotted Line

Molly is a lawyer, and 26% of the audience hopes she draws up an airtight contract to ensure that Kristina gives up all her rights to the child. She won’t be the legal mother, she won’t be the birth mother, but she will still be the biological mother. And Molly needs to ensure that gives her no rights at all. Aunt Krissy is all she will ever be.

TJ Ashford and Molly Welcome Disaster

It won’t work, 66% predict. Molly and Kristina’s relationship is already too complicated to throw something this intense into it. They are very different people. As such, they will have very different approaches to child-rearing. Molly will want schedules and plans, flashcards, and perfectly coordinated outfits. Kristina will insist that the tot have free play and junk food, and mismatched socks. It’ll be bad enough if she’s just Auntie Krissy. If she’s also the biological mom…oy.

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