Not Now: Should Chase Have Forgiven Michael on General Hospital?

General Hospital Chase and MichaelGeneral Hospital Chase and Michael

While Harrison Chase was lying in General Hospital dying — and his mother was admitting that his biological father might be the man who Chase thinks is his brother…just to make matters more difficult…Chase’s self-proclaimed best friend, Michael Corinthos Quartermaine, was sleeping with Chase’s wife, Willow Tait.

General Hospital Polling

Sure, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael (Chad Duell) did periodically pay lip service to how totes bad they felt. Probably not as bad as Chase who was, you know, dying! They thought their guilt made their actions forgivable. Chase (Josh Swickard) didn’t agree. And, months after he and Willow split, the fully recovered cop really let Michael have it for his lies and deception and then promptly forgave him. Should he have? What almost 2,000 fans had to say:

Petty Grudges

Chase did the right thing, 72% of you agree. Michael and Willow’s affair was, like eons ago. Of course, he’s over it by now. He’s got Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). He should be happy that Willow and Michael found each other.

Sure, it was while Chase was on death’s door on General Hospital, and Willow should have been honest with him from the start instead of leading Chase on and agreeing to marry him. But she did it for him! So Chase would have the will to live! And he did! So really, the person who lied here was Chase, not Michael and Willow. If he’d gone ahead and died like he promised…none of this would be an issue!

General Hospital: Take Your Time

An inverse 17% agree that Chase is being a drama queen. But you concede that he might need a little more time to get over it. So, maybe he should have taken a week or so…then run along and apologize to Michael for your overreaction.

Not Cool

Only 11% believe that Chase has a point and should have stayed angry and that Michael has a lot of apologizing to do. Even then, Chase isn’t obliged to forgive him.

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