New Man In Town: Has General Hospital’s Cyrus Really Changed?

General Hospital Cyrus RenaultGeneral Hospital Cyrus Renault

When General Hospital viewers first met Cyrus Renault, he was the bad guy out to get Sonny Corinthos. As all bad guys are. But then we learned he had a strange and tenuous connection to Mayor Laura Collins, and it added an interesting layer to this already complicated man.

General Hospital Polling

Cyrus was the son of the man who fathered Laura (Genie Francis) and never had any contact with her growing up. So, naturally, Cyrus (Jeff Kober) held a grudge against his sister. He was eventually brought down — as anyone who goes up against Sonny (Maurice Benard) inevitably is — and now claims he’s turned over a new lead. Are the fans buying it? What almost 4,000 told us:

GH Bad To the Bone

Nah, 77% of the audience dismisses. Port Charles can redeem mobsters, they can redeem murderers, they can redeem thieves, enemy spies, and rapists. But Cyrus is a bridge too far. He was born evil, and evil he shall remain. It doesn’t matter what he says, it doesn’t matter what he does, it doesn’t matter how many apologies — and amends — he makes, the majority will never believe he’s changed — or that he is even capable of trying.

Either Way General Hospital

Who cares, a much smaller 16% of voters shrug? Good Cyrus, Bad Cyrus, you’ll take Cyrus any way you can get him. And now that he’ll be closer to Port Charles, he can either torment Laura or try to bond with Laura. As long as he’s on your screen, you’ll take Cyrus any way you can get him.

Good Influence In Port Charles

Poor Cyrus, a last place 7% clucks. He’s had a rough life. He was surrounded by negativity, so he put negativity back out into the universe. Now that Laura and her good vibes have entered his life, he won’t be able to avoid becoming a happier, sunnier person. You expect him to join the good bad boys club in no time!

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