Is It Time For General Hospital To Resurrect Anna Devane and Valentin?

Playing dead has run its course in Port Charles.

general hospital anna devane and valentin cassadine have played dead long enoughShould Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine return?

Have Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine played dead long enough on General Hospital? Sure, they faked being deceased in order to lure Victor out and catch him in the act of at least some of his evil deeds. They still haven’t done that. So should we call it an epic fail and move on? Or is there still life in this deadly plot?

Anna Devane General Hospital Cover Up

Let’s split the difference, 19% of you suggest. Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) can come out of hiding. But only after they’ve made sure Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) can’t come after them again. They need something to hold over his head to protect themselves. Hey, maybe they can threaten to tell the world about Victor’s bedroom difficulties. He’d hate that.

GH: Give It Up

It’s not working, 25% of the audience would like to point out, so why are they still pretending it might? Anna and Valentin are not stupid people, and they’re not petty. They are not the types to keep beating their heads against the wall for the sake of their egos. They’re experienced intelligence agents. Intelligence being the key word. They know when to pivot and throw in the towel. So they can try something better.

Anna Devane and Valentin: In Their Sights

Stay the course, 56% of voters urge both Anna and Valentin. It was a great idea. Did you see the Deputy Mayor’s face when Anna rose from the dead? Eileen didn’t know what hit her. And, eventually, Victor won’t know it either. Valentin is much smarter than his dad, and Anna is much smarter than…well, almost everybody. They just need to be patient and wait for all the pieces to fall into place. This dead gag won’t work more than once. Might as well stay incognito and take this as far as you can.

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