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Why Does Nobody On GH Care That Anna Devane And Valentin Are Dead?

Shouldn’t someone on General Hospital be sad that Anna and Valentin Cassadine are supposedly dead?

general hospital supposedly killed off anna devane and valentin but no one on gh caresShouldn't someone on General Hospital be grieving?

Anna Devane and Valentin are now dead on GH — or at least the entire town is supposed to believe they are. Then, why hasn’t anyone they care about even mentioned it or blinked an eye?

General Hospital Was In A Pickle

For the second year in a row, GH has had to work around James Patrick Stuart’s double-duty schedule as he shot the Disney series The Villains Of Valley View. Last year, Valentin was practically written off the canvas for a few months, which stalled his romance with Anna (Finola Hughes). This year, that romance was in full force when the Disney series shooting schedule started, so rather than have Anna fly solo again, GH sent Vanna on the run for months, where it felt like they were on an entirely different show altogether.

Most of Anna and Valentin’s scenes have been on contained sets with only a handful of other players, if that many. It’s clear the soap shot as many scenes as they could when Stuart was available and then edited them into other episodes to spread them out over several months. The problem is, it looks as if nobody oversaw the continuity, so they still seemed like they were part of the same universe as the rest of our favorite Port Charles pals.

Where Is The Grief on GH For Anna Devane and Valentin?

In the story, Anna and Valentin have now faked their own deaths in their effort to bring down Valentin’s father, Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). News of their deaths was supposed to spread throughout town, but it sure doesn’t look like it has. Both Anna and Valentin have former loves in Port Charles who haven’t mentioned them in months.

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All Anna’s former fiancé Finn (Michael Easton) cares about is running Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) life and hasn’t once shed a tear for Anna, a woman who he was ready to marry until a lie came out at their wedding. Nina was with Valentin for several years, but she barely seems to remember he was once alive. Anna is also Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) godmother, and we don’t see her caring one bit about what happened to Anna. What about Mac (John J. York)? Felicia (Kristina Wagner) knows what is going on and said she was going to keep the truth from Mac so he would not compromise his job as a cop, but shouldn’t he care that his former sister-in-law is now dead?

Obviously, we knew Anna and Valentin are not dead since we see them and know their plans, but except for a few select people, nobody else is supposed to know what is going on. Only Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Ned (Wally Kurth) seem to notice Valentin’s absence, and they are just happy to get rid of him. But where are the funerals? Where is the outpouring of grief for a longtime character like Anna? This could have been done right if only anyone editing episodes and scripts was paying attention.

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