How Low Can You Go: Who Let GH’s Liz Webber Down the Most?

Is this a tragedy a quarter of a century in the making?

General Hospital Liz Webber

Elizabeth Webber Spencer Lansing Baldwin hasn’t had an easy time of it since she arrived in General Hospital 25 years ago. And, we’re now learning, even before. When Liz first set foot in Port Charles, she had a chip on her shoulder, a bad attitude, a pack of cigarettes, and a desire to burn the world down.

General Hospital Polling

At the time, we were told it was all because she was jealous of her perfect sister, Sarah Webber. Now we know it was a whole lot more than that! And her parents were right at the center of it. Who hurt Liz (Rebecca Herbst) the most all those years ago — and now?

Liz Webber: Daddy Dearest

It was hard to believe that Jeff Webber (William Moses) was the man behind all of his daughter’s troubles since we still remembered the decent and upstanding guy he’d been when he lived in Port Charles. But it turns out that the minute he left town, Jeff abandoned his sweet doctor persona.

Sure, he still volunteered with the needy — though that meant abandoning his kids — but he also had multiple affairs, and, when his daughter found out about one of them, covered up that Liz accidentally did something that led to Reiko Finn’s (Mele Ihara) death…and why. With a dad like that, no wonder Liz was so messed up, 65% judge.

GH Knight In Shining Armor

Lucky Spencer was supposed to be Liz’s hero, 24% remind. We don’t blame him for being kidnapped by Faison (Anders Hove) and being presumed dead, then brainwashed. But the rest of it…yeah, he let Liz down. Where is he in her time of need? If not for Liz, then at least for their sons — he used to consider all three of them his sons at one time — so she can focus on herself and not worry about them. Forget fighting the darkness, Lucky. Come home and help lighten Liz’s load.

Tin Finn Didn’t Help Liz Webber

Why not blame Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), 7% suggest. He certainly has been no help here, so this seems to be the most logical choice for a few of you. He’s ignored her boundaries and so much more, so yeah…him.

Pick Nik General Hospital

And now Liz has to deal with Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) drama? Does she really need to worry about Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) and Nik’s kidnapping of her? She has her own problems, thank you very much, 4 % of you groan.

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