Did General Hospital’s Britt Westbourne Really Have Huntington’s Disease?

Did Britt Westbourne truly have a deadly disease on General Hospital?

britt westbourne wearing black looks into the distance on a dark nightBritt Westbourne contemplates things on General Hospital.

General Hospital’s Britt Westbourne was ready to die on her own in parts unknown because she didn’t want anyone to see her waste away due to Huntington’s Disease. However, she died in her mother’s arms instead, thanks to a nick from The Hook that poisoned her to death.

General Hospital Polling

Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) made sure her last night in Port Charles was her best night in Port Charles, throwing herself a New Year’s Eve birthday party, her first ever because Liesl (Kathleen Gati) never threw her one as a child. Then, she was ready to slip away and leave town so she could live her last good days on her own. To many, she only died prematurely since she was suffering from a deadly disease, to begin with, but was that diagnosis actually for real?

A Case Of Mistaken Symptoms?

A full 23% of you think that Britt may or may not have had Huntington’s Disease. You’re not sure. She only had one doctor’s appointment when she was tested for the gene under a fake name and then one more when she started exhibiting symptoms.

She never went for a second opinion or had any follow-ups. Could she not have been examined thoroughly enough to see if her symptoms were due to something else? Also, did the Port Charles specialist that Austin (Roger Howarth) found ever run another blood test to confirm she carried the gene? Hmmm…

The Symptoms Were There For Britt Westbourne

Another 31% of you think Britt did what she had to do with the first doctor when she was on the run with Jason (Steve Burton), as well as the second doctor that Austin brought into the story. She was displaying all the classic symptoms, so of course, she had to have Huntington’s Disease. The diagnosis made perfect sense due to her father, Faison’s (Anders Hove), genes, and it would be a miracle if none of his offspring inherited the disease.

It Was All A GH Cassadine Trick

The final 46% of you think Britt didn’t have Huntington’s Disease at all, and the entire thing was just a trick, thanks to Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). He had a secret medical file he was holding over Liesl’s head when he kidnapped her to Cassadine Island in 2021 and could have paid off a doctor to give Britt false genetic testing results. Plus — it was the conference on Huntington’s that he used to lure his obsession, Liesl, to that island.

He also could have been drugging Britt to make it appear she had symptoms of the disease, but instead, her symptoms were a result of whatever Victor was secretly giving her. Hey, anything is possible.

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