Second General Hospital Opinion: Is Britt Westbourne Truly Sick?

Is Victor Cassadine behind her health woes?

General Hospital Britt Westbourne

Britt Westbourne is looking awful these days on General Hospital. She knew she was likely to come down with Huntington’s Disease, but she didn’t expect the symptoms to hit so hard and so soon. While we are truly sympathetic to her plight, we can’t help wondering…is this for real?

General Hospital Polling

We don’t mean that Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) is faking it. She is way past the faking a disease – or a pregnancy stage – these days. We do, however, wonder, if maybe something other than bad genetic luck is involved, though.

GH: Hand Of God

We know that Britt is a carrier, but 40% of the audience suspects that the sudden onset of symptoms might be due more to Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) and his machinations. Victor has a million schemes going on, and one of them involves the diamonds from the Ice Princess. You have no doubt he’d poison Britt to make her think she’d started her inevitable health descent if that would get him closer to his target — and her further away from looking into it.

Britt Westbourne: Hope Springs Eternal

An almost equal 38% of you, however, can’t afford to cling to false hope. This disease didn’t come out of nowhere. Britt knew it was possible she was a carrier, and she got tested years ago, learning that it was very likely she’d come down with it sooner or later. What she needs now is treatment and quality of life. She can’t be distracted by thinking this might not be real.

GH: Split the Difference

Finally, there’s the 22% who believe both that Britt is truly sick and that Victor is making it worse. He took advantage of her actual condition and is now manipulating it to his advantage. She may die from this eventually, but now is not the end.

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