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Here on Cassadine Island: One Shining Light on General Hospital

General Hospital's Genie Francis and Jon LindstromGeneral Hospital's Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom

Jason finally announced he found a way off the island today on General Hospital, and all we wanted to say was, “Alert the Skipper!”

Jason Has Some Mystery Skills
No, they didn’t find a boat down at the lagoon, but Jason (Billy Miller) did come across a plane he somehow knew how to fly. He wasn’t sure HOW he knew how to fly this plane, but Jason keeps finding more and more handy skills.

Everyone boarded the plane thinking they would finally be rescued and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) even had meds thanks to the island native (who we know we can’t trust). While Ava’s hysterics and Sam’s flight attendant announcement (“Attention passengers. Please stay calm, but we’re about to crash!”) added to the camp, we did see one shining light in today’s castaway misadventure.

THAT’S Why Kevin Was on the Island
And, we will admit we were wrong. We finally know why Kevin is on the island. The character needed life support and a revival–both for fans and himself. When Kevin explained to Laura (Genie Francis) how he’d been sleepwalking through life for years, we understood. As a glorified extra for so long, we missed Jon Lindstrom in scenes like today.

So many of us also understand going through the motions, which Kevin AND Laura seemed to be doing. Now they found each other and it’s truly glorious. Kevin noticed Laura’s eyes and how they shine. He explained how he can read her and we felt their connection through and through.

[relbar link=”
” text=”Lost Beloved Characters: General Hospitals’ Alan Quartermaine.”]Whatever happens after this motley crew finds their way out of a plane crash, we know we have a new love story that should truly become front burner. We finally have this refreshing pair that finally proves there is indeed life for Laura without Luke.

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