All Grown Up: Should Emma Return To Date Jake on General Hospital?

General Hospital Emma Scorpio Drake and Jake SpencerGeneral Hospital Emma Scorpio Drake and Jake Spencer

Elizabeth Webber Baldwin’s sons sure are growing up fast on General Hospital. Cameron Webber is hooking up with Josslyn Jacks. Which means Jake Webber is up next in the love and romance department.

General Hospital Polling

Should Emma Scorpio Drake (last played by Brooklyn Rae Silzer) come back to Port Charles and see if she likes what she finds there? How almost 2,000 people voted:

Back, Yes, Jake, No

We’d love to see Emma back, 42% of you cheer, but not for Jake (Hudson West). For one thing, Emma was a contemporary of Cameron and Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) back in the day. Jake was just Cameron’s little brother.

We understand that soaps are all about flexible age groups, but why waste all the wonderful history those three share? Plus, for all we know, Jake is still some kind of sleeper agent for Helena Cassadine, thanks to the years he spent “dead” and under her care. The Cassadines should not have easy access to any Scorpios. Too much history there, too.

General Hospital: Good Enough

Port Charles is overrun with teens as it is, 31% of the audience sighs. In addition to Cam, Joss, and Spencer, there are also Trina Robinson (Sydney Makayla) and Esme Prince (Kristen Avery Pohl) in the mix. We don’t need any more kids pulling focus from the vets we’re really here to see. Let’s keep them on the back burner until they’re ready to step into the spotlight.

Cute As Can Be

We love it, a not-insignificant 27% cheer. Jake has grown up so much since he came back to the show, and Emma ought to be perfect for him right about now. Besides, we’re sure Liz (Rebecca Herbst) would much prefer dealing with Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) than Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Liz and Robin actually like each other!

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