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Poison Pen: Was Anna Right To Tell Finn the Truth on General Hospital?

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On General Hospital, Peter poisoned Chase. While Finn struggled to identify what was wrong with his brother/son, Anna was doing the same with Peter, the one who poisoned Chase in the first place.

General Hospital Polling

Peter warned Anna not to tell Finn. Anna did it anyway. Did she make the right call? What almost 3,000 backseat drivers think about that:

Secrets Kept

A majority 84% of you are with Anna (Finola Hughes) on this one. Finn (Michael Easton) hardly ever talks, anyway. Odds are good he can keep his mouth shut and secretly work on an antidote. He is a world-famous immunologist.

And, luckily, there is no other pandemic currently in Port Charles that he might want to focus his world-famous skills on curing. As far as Finn is concerned, his brother/son is the only patient who matters. Now, thanks to Anna, he at least knows what he’s looking for.

Trust Worthy

A smaller 13% of the audience points out that keeping secrets was the reason Finn dumped Anna in the first place. If she has any hope of the two of them reuniting, she has got to show him that she can be trusted now. And giving him information to save his brother/son’s life is a great first step to getting there.

Danger Man

Only 3% of fans have faith that Peter (Wes Ramsey) can actually follow through with an evil plan he started and kill Chase (Josh Swickard). You are afraid that Finn will slip up, Peter will realize that Anna failed to keep her word and do what he threatened.

We keep hearing how he is Faison’s (Anders Hove) son. Faison never hesitated when it came to killing people, and Peter both does and doesn’t want to be like his old man. Don’t let Chase be Peter’s test case, Anna. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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