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Peter Principle: Could He Be Alex’s Son On General Hospital?

Anna, Alex, Peter General HospitalAnna, Alex, Peter General Hospital

General Hospital fans nearly lost their minds when, out of nowhere, it was announced that Peter (real name: Henrik Faison) was the long lost son of super-spy Anna Devane.

This pretty much turned everything we knew about Anna (Finola Hughes) on its ear. Her relationship with Robert (Tristan Rogers). Her relationship with Robin (Kimberly McCullough).

And, most importantly, her relationship with Faison (Andres Hove). The psycho was obsessed with Anna for years. He believed that if he couldn’t have her, nobody should.

Except it would seem that he did…uh, have her. Anna supposedly seduced Faison back in her early WSB days, got pregnant, and secretly gave the baby up for adoption. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) delivered the baby to Faison.

But, Faison never knew who the mother was. He wasn’t a very curious fellow. Or a very obsessed one. Poor Petey had a childhood full of sads with Faison, and he blamed Anna for it. When Anna found out, she was wracked with guilt. While fans were wracked with nausea. How could Anna have done this?

Is it possible she didn’t do it? And of “it?” Could her twin sister, Alex, ben the one to sleep with Faison and give birth to Peter, while Anna was merely implanted with her memories? The fans speak up!

Thank God Almighty, We Are Free At Last!
For 65% of you, this is welcome and wonderful news! Yes, yes, yes! Peter is Alex’s, not Anna’s, which would explain so, so much!

(Not the part where Faison didn’t recall sleeping with the object of his obsession if Alex was pretending to be Anna when she seduced him, but why quibble when salvation is so close!)

No Such Luck
Life would never be so good, 34% of the audience sighs. We want this, ergo it won’t happen. They’re just teasing us…

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