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Original Recipe Jason Morgan Is Back In Port Charles NEXT WEEK

Sam and Jasons on General HospitalSam and Jasons on General Hospital

It looks like that slow boat from Russia was faster than we thought on General Hospital (GH) and Patient 6, who we’ll just call Original Recipe Jason for now, makes it back home.

Not surprisingly, the first place he goes is to see Sonny (Maurice Benard), cause why go back to the wife and child you left five years ago before going anywhere else? According to the October 23 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Original Recipe Jason’s first instincts are to go to the man who has always protected him when he’s in trouble.

(Of course, he couldn’t protect him from getting shot, being kicked into the river, and losing five years of his life, but who’s really keeping score here?)

As expected, Sonny isn’t home, so Original Recipe Jason (Steve Burton) just looks around, sees pictures of Morgan and Michael, but has no idea what’s happened to them during the time he’s been gone. When he hears Sonny might be coming home soon, he flees and NOW he decides to go home.

Yes, home is the penthouse, but Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Current Jason (Billy Miller) aren’t there. Original Recipe Jason notices some changes in the place, but otherwise it feels like home. Steve Burton admitted to Digest he also had the same feelings when walking onto the set for the first time.

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“I had spent so much time on that set that it gave me a lot of emotion when I walked in that door,” he said.

Like Sonny, Sam isn’t home either, but soon she appears–and Original Recipe Jason ducks. Does he see her with Current Jason? Does he hear her call him “Jason?” Does he then see a baby that is not Danny and a little blonde boy who is?

If so, things can get very interesting, very fast. But, our gut tells us Original Recipe Jason skulks around town till just about November before anyone he knows sees him.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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