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GH’s Michael Easton Talks Finn and Liz’s Bumpy Road To Romance

This GH star has a lot to say about working with Rebecca Herbst.

michael easton general hospital.Michael Easton teased what writers may be brewing up for Finn and Liz.

Dr. Hamilton Finn, portrayed by actor Michael Easton, first landed on the Port Charles scene back in March of 2016. Since then, fans have been clamoring for a worthy love interest for the dreamy blue-eyed doc. Once the writers paired General Hospital’s most eligible doctor with legacy character Elizabeth Webber, it seemed like it would be a match made in heaven. But their romance has been a bumpy ride, seeing as how she was partly responsible for the death of his wife and all.

Michael Easton: What’s Next

Michael Easton counts himself a lucky man to be linked to actress Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) on camera. But the romance has been spotty at best, with many hiccups along the way. With his father Gregory (Gregory Harrison) recently revealing his ALS diagnosis to Liz, the two seem to be inching ever so much closer together. Fans at a recent Zoom Event hosted by Coastal Entertainment wanted to know what to expect next.

“Without giving too much away and also the fact that I don’t know too much,” the actor confessed to the Zoom audience, “I just know what I feel — but I think we’re probably a couple of weeks ahead. I would honestly say they are…I think they’re finally going, ‘Hey, let’s either do this or not do it.’ And I think that’ll be good for everybody.”

Easton was realistic about their chances. After all, it is a soap opera. “I think the odds are kind of stacked against them right now because it has been drawn out, and it’s lost a little bit of momentum at times.” He continued to ponder their journey so far. “It took a couple of different paths or went on a couple of journeys, but I don’t know if it advanced what we wanted to do.”

The actor placed himself in their mindset. “I think they’re kind of going, ‘Hey, let’s roll the dice, and I’ll put this all on the line, and we’re gonna do one thing or the other.’ But I think there’s going to be some resolve either way to it. And I think that’s good. I think that they have to. You can only stretch things out so long, and at some point, you have to have some resolve to all of the stories.”

He teased what the writers may be approaching next. “They’re doing that, and I think there’s a feeling that, at least in terms of telling this story, that they’re all in on telling a story,” he assured fans. “And wherever they’re going, they are either going to be picking up the pieces, or they’re going to do something pretty special with it, but we’re going to do something.”

The twice Daytime Emmy nominated actor went on to explain some more about the situation. “We have to make it a pace thing, you know, and sometimes you hit it, and sometimes you miss it,” he said matter-of-factly. “And, like I said, I think the writers can do anything. I’ve got great confidence in the writing team, and I think, if they commit to it, we can commit to it, and we can have fun. At least have good storytelling.” 

Looking Back On Finn And Liz

The fans were eager to know which Finn and Liz storyline Easton liked the best so far, and the actor quickly responded with the first storyline and one pivotal scene that changed it all. “I really liked the initial storyline where she started helping me save Chase where we didn’t have anything, and she was just helping me.

“And I think there was one moment after he had worked with her and she had helped him discover a couple of things…that talked him off the ledge a bunch,” Easton said. “He looked at her at one point, and he reached out, and he touched her cheek, and realized he had felt something for her, and then of course, apologized to her the next day, which I think it is very easy to look at Becky and sort of have those feelings.”

It was a turning point for the bachelor doc. “Finn had never thought of her that way, and then, all of a sudden, at one moment, it clicked, and I just think that Becky brought so much to that moment, and she makes all that so believable. I’m really blessed, and I really appreciate getting to work with her. She’s this legacy character, right?”

Anytime an actor is linked with a legacy character, the storyline possibilities are endless and intimidating. “We were talking about if someone had asked me if there was a Mount Rushmore of people that are currently on the show, not the history show. I mean, she’s up there on it. She’s meant so much to so many people and has been involved with so many great storylines, and I think that’s certainly very challenging from my standpoint, and it’s almost daunting.”

Liz Webber has had a few very popular love interests in the past, such as Lucky Spencer, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), and Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss). “She’s had these great relationships, in the past, with all these other characters, and she has children by them,” he theorized. “So there’s even more of a legacy between that, and there’s a history there, and then you’re kind of the interloper trying to come in and advance the story. I constantly remind myself what the good part about it is.”

Easton couldn’t have been more complimentary of his beloved co-star. “Any day that she’s on screen, it’s a better day for General Hospital because I think she brings so much to it.”

The humble actor left fans with a tease of what is to come. “So her getting a storyline, even if it means having to work with me, is still good for her. We’re really going to try to do something different. I know it’s an uphill battle because she has that incredible history on the show, but she’s an amazing actress, and she’s just as beautiful off-camera as she is on, you know.”

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