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GH’s Biggest Little Fan Takes On State Of Mind And Maurice Benard

Max Tomlin and Maurice Benard on State of Mind

Max Tomlin is a 7-year-old dynamo, who posts a daily video recap of General Hospital on Twitter and Instagram and a weekly recap of WWE Smackdown. This week, Maurice Benard welcomes the talented tyke and budding journalist/wrestler to his YouTube video podcast, State of Mind.

Max Tomlin Takes On His Mentor, Maurice Benard

Every soap fan has a story of how they got hooked on their favorite daytime drama, and it usually starts with, “I watched [Plug Soap Opera here] growing up with my grandmother”…or mother…or babysitter. Max Tomlin’s story follows the age-old tradition. He watches his beloved soap hanging out with his grandmother or mother, and sometimes with his older brother, who goes by the moniker “Jackson Five.”

But this little investigative journalist in a small package takes it a step further and produces (with the help of his mother, Sarah Tomlin) a daily segment summarizing all the latest adventures of his favorite Port Charles residents, including the great Sonny Corinthos (evident by the large cut-out strategically placed behind Tomlin throughout the episode) played by none other than the State of Mind host himself, Maurice Benard.

Benard is a huge fan of Tomlin and knows that Tomlin is also a huge wrestling fan and started their conversation with two of Tomlin’s favorite wrestlers – John Cena and The Rock. Who would win in a fight between John Cena, The Rock, and Benard? Tomlin magnanimously conceded, “I don’t know who is going to win. You both look so strong.”

The look on Tomlin’s face when Benard says he could beat up the Rock…easily? Priceless. Jackson Five takes Benard’s side on the wrestling vs boxing debate, assuring Tomlin that John Cena would win the wrestling side and Benard would win the boxing challenge.

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Game On

Soon, the mini-commentator took over like a seasoned pro and turned the tables on the master interviewer with questions on his favorite storylines in Port Charles at the moment. Words cannot describe the cuteness explosion and the amount of information he wrestled out of Benard on some of General Hospital’s epic scenes — from Sonny rescuing Jason brandishing a gun, Jason breaking through glass to rescue Sam, Sonny meeting his son Dante for the first time (kid knows his stuff), Lenny’s death scene, the Tan-O and Nixon Falls, Jason and Carly falling in love, and, of course, Nina vs Carly.

*Side note: An underlying theme throughout – not underestimating the power of the younger generation and their feelings. Giving them a safe space to allow full self-expression, creativity, and vulnerability. The importance of support and nurturing hearts as well as self-confidence. Truly a different side of State of Mind. Kudos, Mr. Benard.

Don’t miss the full episode as the two discuss Tomlin’s re-creation of his favorite scenes using books and superheroes, insider info on GH and some of Tomlin’s favorite characters, Benard’s favorite Sonny stories, his favorite film roles, and State of Mind’s upcoming episode with author and wrestler AJ Mendez.

For more on Max Tomlin and @MaxUpdatesGH, check out his Twitter and Instagram pages. For more on Maurice Benard on Twitter and Instagram and State of Mind here.

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