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Meet The Uninvited Guest At Violet’s General Hospital Birthday Party

General Hospital SnakeGeneral Hospital Snake

General Hospital managed to get just about every kid on the soap on the set (and then some) before production shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. And we saw the fruits of the labor this week as Violet’s birthday party played out… with a most unwanted guest.

General Hospital Party Gone Awry

Demon seed Charlotte placed her pet snake in the party’s pinata, but somehow the snake made it into Ava’s purse and when she reached for her phone to take a pic of the adorable kids, the snake emerged frightening everyone in Anna Devane’s living room.

It turns out the snake has a real name — and yes the snake is quite real, according to the official General Hospital Twitter page.

“We’d like to introduce you to Sophia, the Sinaloan Milk Snake who helped make Violet’s birthday one to remember.”

Along with the introduction are snaps of Sophia being held by various cast members like Roger Howarth (Franco) and Maura West (Ava), as well as child actors Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) and Jason David (Aiden).

West added another photo on her own Twitter with Howarth calling both her longtime co-star and the snake “two of my favorite scene partners.” When fans asked if that snake was real she answered with a very resounding “Yes!”

So, will the guests at the party discover who planted that snake and what her original plan was? And will Charlotte ever receive the punishment she deserves for her many misdeeds (rather than a pony and a credit card)? We’ll just have to stay tuned and find out on Monday, as today GH will air a classic episode during its now regular Flashback Friday. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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