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Love In The Afternoon: Top 10 Couples From General Hospital

General Hospital Classic CouplesGeneral Hospital Classic Couples

ABC, the ‘Love in the Afternoon’ network, has produced its share of unforgettable couples over the years, and General Hospital has accounted for many of them. Here’s a look back at ten of the soap’s most memorable twosomes.

General Hospital Love Stories

1. Luke and Laura
A controversial relationship, that began with marked man Luke (Anthony Geary) raping Laura (Genie Francis) on a disco dance floor was spun into a tale of undeniable love. When the couple went on the run, their adventures, peppered with romantic moments like dancing through Wyndham’s department store, captivated fans, as did their 1981 wedding, the highest-rated show in soap history.

2. Edward and Lila
The yin and yang at the helm of the Quartermaine clan, Edward (John Ingle) and Lila (Anna Lee) spent their adult lives totally devoted to each other. While Edward was rough, gruff, and, oft times, ruthless, Lila was a kindly, levelheaded peacemaker, who settled family spats and was adored by all. But on top of her list of worshipers was her loyal husband, Edward.

3. Sonny and Carly
Breaking up and making up has been the script for Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) love story. Like flies to a magnet, the duo can’t resist the pullback to each other, especially during times of crisis. It’s an unconventional relationship, to say the least, yet the spouses’ absolute loyalty and heartfelt love are absolutely unquestionable.

4. Sam and Jason
Their relationship didn’t start out traditionally. Jason (Steve Burton) claimed paternity of Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) unborn baby, when the real father, Sonny, reconciled with Carly. The stillborn birth of the child bonded the pair and brought them closer, leading to intense love. The secret to their happiness? Sam accepts Jason for who is, a mob enforcer who she totally adores.

5. Frisco and Felicia
Aztec princess Felicia (Kristina Wagner) met Frisco (Jack Wagner) when she broke into his apartment disguised as a boy looking for an heirloom ring. It led to the couple going on a treasure hunt and falling in love. When Frisco was around, he was the ultimate romantic, wooing Felicia with love songs like Lady of My Heart. But, ultimately, he chose life as a WSB agent over her and their family.

6. Dante and Lulu
Lulu (Emme Rylan) denied her attraction to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) from the moment they met. Lucky for her, he wouldn’t be deterred and continued to woo her with silly jokes and cheesy pickup lines. In time, Lulu relented, having totally fallen for the sexy cop. They wed and were living a dream life until Dante’s undercover mission left him with PTSD, and he left to protect his wife and family.

7. Duke and Anna
Duke (Ian Buchanan) was a nightclub owner laundering money for the mob when he met Anna (Finola Hughes), the town police commissioner. Being on opposite sides of the law couldn’t hinder their attraction, and, before long, they were dancing sexy tangos together. Duke ultimately left his life of crime and wed Anna, but his dangerous past always weighed on the couple’s happily ever after.

8. Sonny and Brenda
Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) was just a teen when she met and fell hard for the sexy, dimpled Sonny, unaware that he was a mobster. Their tumultuous relationship was filled with extreme highs – like their romantic adventures and weddings, and lows – like the day Sonny caught Brenda wearing a wire to bring him to justice. Yet, through all their ups and downs, their love never waned.

9. Elizabeth and Lucky
GH’s sweetest and most poignant young love story belonged to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). Finding Elizabeth in the park after she was brutally raped, Lucky saw her through the traumatic ordeal. Slowly, Elizabeth healed thanks to Lucky’s support. A year later, on Valentine’s Day, the couple declared their love to one another in an empty church.

10. Robin and Patrick
Playboy Patrick (Jason Thompson) was cool, cavalier, and definitely not looking for a relationship. Then he met Robin (Kimberly McCullough), who got in his face, confronted his commitment issues, and won his heart. They addressed Robin’s HIV status head-on, when they became lovers, eventually marrying and having two children much to the delight of “Scrubs” fans.

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