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Innocent Man: How You REALLY Feel About Jordan Railroading Franco on General Hospital

Jordan And Franco General Hospital February 26Jordan And Franco General Hospital

On General Hospital, Liz was heartbroken when Franco, her husband of multiple minutes, confessed to being the serial killer who offed Kiki and attacked Lulu, among others

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) didn’t know it was only because Jordan (Brianna Nicole Henry) essentially blackmailed Franco (Roger Howarth), telling him she knew he was innocent of the crimes, but Jordan needed Franco to confess in order to smoke out the real killer, Ryan (Jon Lindstrom).

Oh, and if he didn’t, Jordan would go ahead and send Franco to trial and not care what happened. She’s the Port Charles Police Commissioner. She can do that.

So Franco confessed, Liz crumbled, and Jordan got her way – then promptly got hit by a car driven by a blind Drew (Billy Miller). Who saw that coming? (Ha, see what we did there?) How do fans feel about Jordan’s manipulation? Almost 13,000 let us know!

Coercion is Nine-Tenths Of the Law
Not cool, Jordan, 88% of you chastise. That was an abuse of power if we ever saw one! Your job is supposed to be to uphold the law, not break it in the name of some alleged greater good.

If you knew Franco was innocent, morality means letting him go, not putting him in danger, both physically and emotionally. How will he ever make his lies up to Liz and her kids?

Plus, don’t you feel stupid now that you’re in the hospital and Franco is your only shot at Port Charles safety? If Franco were a petty man, he’d leave you to fend for yourself. But he’s a saint. Just get ready to apologize. Profusely.

All’s Fair
For 12%, though, Jordan was doing her job. She needed to put Ryan away before he hurt anybody else, and if Franco was her best shot at getting it down, then now is not the time for morality.

Besides, the man never paid for a whole bunch of crimes he really did commit. This is his chance at one. Jordan made sure to point that out.

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