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How Should Young Dev Be Punished on General Hospital?

General Hospital DevGeneral Hospital Dev

He may be a newcomer to America, Port Charles, and General Hospital, but Dev sure did pick up the local habits pretty quickly, didn’t he?

General Hospital

It only took a few months for the poor, put-upon Turkish orphan to figure out that, in the United States, the people who get what they want are the ones who go after what they want. And what did Dev (Ashton Arbab) want? Well, he wanted Joss (Eden McCoy). And what did Joss want? She wanted Cam (William Lipton).

So how could Dev get what he wanted? By making sure that Joss no longer wanted Cam. (Why he assumed he’d be next in line, we’re not sure. It’s not like she can miss Dev. He lives in her house!)

Dev pulled all sorts of tricks, including setting Cam up to read Joss’s diary, to break up the non-couple. Should he be punished for his stunts? How? What almost 3,000 viewers told us:

Get Lost, Dev

A winning 62% of you didn’t understand why Sonny (Maurice Benard) brought the urchin home in the first place, and now you see the only course of action is Sonny sending Dev away. He made Sonny’s precious stepdaughter sads. Off with his head! Or, at least, his visa!

Bad Moon On the Rise

The GH teen scene needs a true bad boy, 26% of the audience counters. Dev should stick around and make everyone miserable for years to come. It’s the only way to make fans happy.


And then there are the 11% who don’t just want Dev deported, you want him dead! You want the child killed, and for the cops to launch a full-out investigation. Then, when they inevitably flub it, Sonny can step in to save the day! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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