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How Peter Can Survive and Thrive on General Hospital

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Since being outed as Faison’s son Henrik, Peter August has become the town pariah, but there are a few ways he can survive — and thrive — on General Hospital.

At the moment, Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) being held hostage by Liesl (Kathleen Gatti) with a little help from Nina (Michelle Stafford), who both blame him for Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) death.

Plus, he’s wanted by the WSB for a series of crimes. But, is the guy really a bad seed or just the product of a horrific upbringing and painfully misunderstood?

Amends with Anna
Peter tried to put a bullet in Anna (Finola Hughes) when he thought she lured him into a WSB trap. After she explained she was his mother and the circumstances surrounding his birth and subsequent adoption, he barely flinched. Instead, he insisted that he still loathed her.

But, what if Peter eventually comes to understand that Anna was only acting in his best interests.

Should he have a change of heart, and the mother and son overcome their problems and bond, the rest of PC could learn to accept him, too.

Mad About Maxie
Peter befriend the widowed Maxie (Kirsten Storms), feeling responsible for Nathan’s demise and wanting to look out for his late half-brother’s wife and unborn child.

Not only did he help give Maxie the strength to move back into the memory-filled home she shared with Nathan, but he also delivered her baby son James when she went into unexpected labor in his car.

His note to Maxie before going on the run, both explaining himself and apologizing for deceiving her, was warm and genuine.

It gave a glimpse of his good side and big heart. Maybe Maxie will accept him back into her life, in time, and Peter will have a chance to prove his true self to her.

Warming Up Stone Cold
The hardest obstacle for Peter to overcome is Jason (Steve Burton), the man his father ordered him to murder. Instead, he defied and kept alive in a Russian clinic. But there was a catch: Peter kept Jason drugged and away from his family for five long years.

Peter’s going to have to do something major to get Jason to forgive him – like, say, save someone he loves. Here’s a thought: What if Peter stumbled upon the evidence that proved Nelle set up Carly and lied about Carly pushing her down the Quartermaine staircase?

Or, if Peter spared young Jake from a tragic accident? Suddenly, Jason would see him in a whole new light and forgive and forget in the process.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for air times.

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