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Hidden Children: Is Nina’s Daughter Really Alive On General Hospital?

Sasha, Nina, Willow General HospitalSasha, Nina, Willow General Hospital

When Nina first arrived on General Hospital, she was Silas’ ex-wife, who’d been in a coma for twenty years. She woke up unhappy to see Ava (Maura West), the woman who’d been having an affair with Silas… and who’d born his child. Nina (Cynthia Watros) was even more unhappy to learn that she’d lost the baby she’d been carrying.

Nina (then-Michelle Stafford) tried to even the scales of justice by dragging Ava and cutting the daughter she was then carrying straight out of her womb, then taking off with the tot.

But, in Port Charles, that kind of crime barely warrants a slap on the wrist. Nina walked free and, eventually, learned that she’d carried her child to term, after all. Her mother, Madeline (Donna Mills) gave the baby up for adoption.

Madeline died, and Nina met her now-grown daughter, Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). But, oops, Sasha was an impostor hired by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Nina doesn’t know that yet, but the fans are wondering, is Nina’s real daughter still out there? What over 7000 had to say:

Of course, Nina’s daughter is alive, 73% of you insist, what would be the fun if she weren’t? For a while there, you thought it might turn out to be Kiki (Hayley Erin). That Ava stole her rival’s child as a way to hold onto Silas. But now Kiki is dead, so that’s a dead end. Sure, it could be someone we haven’t met before. But fans are putting their money on Willow (Katelyn MacCullen). She and Nina hate each other. What other proof of family do you need?

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Then there’s 27% of the audience begs who think Madeline was telling the truth the first time and only claimed Nina’s baby lived so Valentin would get her out of jail. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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