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Here Comes the Sonny: Should He Return to General Hospital?

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Are General Hospital fans wishing for a Son-Set, or are they singing, “Ain’t No Son-Shine When He’s Gone?” In other words, does Sonny need to remember who he is and return to Port Charles, or should he remain SMike of Nixon Falls? What over 3,000 viewers let us in on:

General Hospital Polling: Son-Shine Day

Yes, we’ve got a million sun puns, and we plan to use as many as possible by the end of this article. A winning 88% of you think Sonny (Maurice Benard) has been gone too long and should set his phaser to Son and hightail it home already!

Carly (Laura Wright) misses him. Jason (Steve Burton) misses him. Michael (Chad Duell) misses him. His less important children miss him. Heck, we’re sure even Wiley misses him, though the boy should have no memory or idea of who Sonny is. Most importantly, you miss him. And you need Son-Thing to Sing About this summer!

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Right Son

A much smaller 10% of the audience would never dream that your judgment might prove better than Sonny’s. Sonny knows best. Which means you can’t push him to return.

Sonny will return when it is the right time for Sonny to return. He will return when he can get his wife, his kids, and his mob back. Anytime sooner and it just wouldn’t be good for him.

We Like Mike

Less than 2% of the fans would be perfectly happy never setting eyes on the Sonny persona again. Mike is a nicer guy. Mike is a more honest guy. Mike is a sweeter guy and, quite frankly, Mike is the better guy.

He might even be happier away from the hustle, bustle, and stress of organized crime. We all want what’s best for Sonny, don’t we? And staying Mike forever might well be it. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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