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Growing Up: Should Cam Fall In Love On General Hospital?

Growing Up_ Should Cam Fall In Love On General Hospital_Growing Up_ Should Cam Fall In Love On General Hospital_

We realize General Hospital’s Cam has a lot on his mind right now. There’s the usual teen angst of picking a college… and helping his mother deal with the death of her husband.

General Hospital Polling

Cam (William Lipton) swore to be a rock for Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). But who will be his rock? Is it time for one of his friends to become something more? What over 4,000 viewers want to see happen:

Friends To the Ends

A winning 42% of you think that if Cam does go looking for love, he should not start with his two closest friends, Joss (Eden McCoy) and Trina (Sydney Mikayla). Those friendships have been there for him, through thick and thin, and you don’t want to see him risk that. Grief is never a good time to make major changes, and Cam shouldn’t be making these kinds of decisions while his life is still in such turmoil.

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Childhood Friends

A smaller 32% of the audience are all in on Cam taking things to the next level… with Joss. They’ve both had crushes on each other… just at different times. Maybe it’s time for them to check out where a real relationship could actually go. At the very least, it will give Cam someone to think about other than dead Franco (Roger Howarth). Even if it does mean he’ll likely turn down his Stanford opportunity.

Second Place

Finally, 26% voted for Cam to find love with Trina. They have a history together, but not as much baggage as Cam and Joss. Plus, their moms, Liz and Portia (Brook Kerr), don’t despise each other the way Liz and Carly (Laura Wright) do.

That Romeo and Juliet nonsense gets old fast. And Cam doesn’t need it. Plus, and let’s not put too fine a point on this: Trina is a much, much better person than Joss. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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