General Hospital True Confessions: Should Anna Take Valentin Back?

General Hospital Valentin and AnnaGeneral Hospital Valentin and Anna

Once upon a time on General Hospital, Anna Devane did not trust Valentin Cassadine. Once upon a time on General Hospital, Anna flirted with Valentin…but still didn’t necessarily trust him.

General Hospital Polling

No one is saying they don’t make a cute — if snarky — couple. But there’s still that trust thing. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is lying to Anna (Finola Hughes) yet again. If he comes clean, should she take him back? What over 3,000 voters told us:

All’s Well That Ends Well

Everyone deserves a seventeenth chance, 45% of the audience is feeling generous. If Valentin tells Anna the truth *this time* then she should definitely cut him some slack…as long as he promises to be a good boy from now on. Besides, Valentin is just protecting his daughter. Anna should be able to relate to that. Think of all the lies she told for Robin Scorpio’s (Kimberly McCullough) sake!

Pull the General Hospital Plug

On the other hand, 33% of you insist this is the last straw. Anna could forgive Valentin the murders and the blackmail and the threats and the kidnapping. But lying? Never! This should be all the evidence she needs to realize that she can never have a romantic relationship with Valentin. Not because all the previous men in her life were so honest and upright, but because they weren’t. And she’s reached her quota.

Lay Back and Enjoy It

This is who Valentin is, and 22% of fans point out that Anna can’t pretend not to have known that from the start. She knew who he was when she started flirting, she knew who he was when she started kissing, and to back out now because Valentin proved to be exactly who he always said he was is, frankly, tacky. Besides, whom does she think she’s fooling? Anna loves herself some bad boys!

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