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Who Will Rescue Sam From Olivia’s Clutches?

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Furious that Julian tried to poison her and hasn’t delivered General Hospital to her on a silver platter, Olivia kidnapped his daughter Sam to show him who’s in charge.

Normally, Sam would be a formidable opponent, who could totally take on Olivia (Tonja Walker) and all her craziness. She’s faced far worse foes in the past. However, considering Sam is a tad compromised – as in pregnant and days away from giving birth – it may be up to someone else to save her. That is, if they can track Sam and the evil Olivia down. Soap Hub asked General Hospital fans who you think will come to Sam’s rescue, and over 5,000 of you cast your vote.

Hubby Jason
No surprise here. Some 51% of you believe Jason (Billy Miller) will be the one to come to Sam’s rescue. He’s a master, when it comes to sleuthing, and has solved more crimes than the PCPD. The fact that this is his pregnant baby mama only ups the ante, as he’ll be more driven than ever to save his wife and unborn child.

Daddy Julian
Hell hath no fury like a father scorned! In this case, Julian (William deVry). That’s why 38% of you believe he will ride to Sam’s rescue. Julian has already proven that his children mean everything to him and that he’ll do absolutely anything to protect them. Plus, he knows his sister better than anyone and should be able to figure out where she’s taken Sam.

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Sam Herself
A simple thing like pregnancy won’t stand in the way of Sam (Kelly Monaco) saving herself, according to 10% of you. You think of her as daytime’s answer to Supergirl. You’re certain Sam will use her street smarts to out maneuver Olivia and turn the tables on her. In the end, Sam will free herself.

Someone Else
The remaining 1% of you think a mixture of PC people could save Sam, starting with cops Dante and Nathan and ending with Curtis needing to help Jason. You also wouldn’t be surprised to see Alexis team up with Julian in an attempt to save their daughter, together.

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