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General Hospital Recap: Charlotte Demands Some Answers

General Hospital RecapGeneral Hospital Recap

The General Hospital recap for Thursday, October 10 features a wake-up call for Charlotte, some harsh words for Sasha, a bit of scheming between frenemies and a frame job courtesy of Peter.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Poor Charlotte was having a rough morning. Seriously, the girl won’t even have a cranberry scone so you know she isn’t playing around. She wants some answers fromLulu (Emme Rylan). Why did she interrupt the wedding? Why did the wedding not precede and will Nina and Papa NEVER reunite?

Hoping to put Charlotte’s mind at ease, Lulu agreed to take her to Crimson hoping that Nina (Cynthia Watros) could explain the situation and assure her would-be step-daughter that their relationship would still be as close as ever.

But, upon arrival Charlotte overheard Maxie (Kristen Storms) say that Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) was not really Nina’s daughter. Seconds later a contrite Sasha arrived — with Michael (Chad Duell) by her side — and admitted that what Maxie had said was true.

However, she told Charlotte that despite her falsehood she still loved her — those feelings weren’t a lie. But Charlotte said she couldn’t believe anything that Sasha says and beat a hasty retreat with her mom.

Team Up

Meanwhile, just as Nina awoke on Jax’s (Ingo Rademacher) couch and had to relive the nightmare that was her wedding, her ex-groom and her aunt were busy devising a way to save their respective bacon.

Liesl (Kathleen Gati) decided that the most prudent course of action would be to guilt Sasha out of town and ensure that she never returned — but they had to do so BEFORE she could reveal their involvement in the scam.

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